It’s better the devil you know………… The Perfumed Dandy’s Fragrant Forum

My Dearest Darling Demons

We all have them… don’t we?

Vices, proclivities, indulgences, foibles, weaknesses, blind spots… sins!

Well, this weekend The Dandy is not concerned with crimes of the flesh, moral omissions or crimes commissioned. 

I want to know your deepest darkest dirty fragrant fancies!

What are your perfumed guilty pleasures?

Are there any scents in your collection you’re ashamed of?

Any fragrances you prefer not to shout from the rooftops you adore?

Aromas you wear only when alone?

Come now, you’re with friends… you can tell us…

With thanks to Iscent for this dastardly idea.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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71 responses to “It’s better the devil you know………… The Perfumed Dandy’s Fragrant Forum

  1. Lilybelle

    I’m trying to think of anything I’d be embarrassed to say I’d wear. Ok, confession: I own a bottle of Pink Sugar and a bottle of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy (the purple one), neither of which I wear anymore (really!). ;D I went through a phase of loving sugary scents, though it took me a long time to warm up to the genre. By the time they were out, they were in with me. I can’t wear them now because I have become accustomed to wearing old scents pretty much exclusively the past year or so, dusty, wooly, floral, resiny,and with base notes that are no longer found in modern compositions. I don’t have anything against a beautiful modern comp, I just don’t encounter them unless I make a special effort to get a sample.

    I LOVE old drug store scents: Jean Nate, Jontue, Charlie, Jovan musk oil. I wear Chantilly at home. It’s my favorite. And I love those old scents in dusting powders.

  2. Lily of the Valley scented talcum powder. It’s the whole ritual, the silk robe, the dressing table, the powder puff…

  3. Cheryl

    Vintage Tabu…blush

    • SallyM

      I *love* Tabu! I have several bottles in various vintage incarnations – body cream and dusting powder too….

      • Lilybelle

        I have some vintage Tabu too. I have a difficult time wearing spicy orientals, unfortunately, but I can’t resist those violin bottles. I have the dusting powder in the black plastic box with Tabu spelled out on the lid in Art Deco letters. It’s a recent one from the the drugstore but I think the design is rather elegant, and it’s a softer way to enjoy the scent.

      • Dearest Lily
        Oh yes, those violin bottles! Can anyone explain the reference or relevance!?! One can;t help thinking it must have something to do with Stravinsky, but what?
        Perfumed powder, perfect.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

    • Dearest Cheryl
      No need to blush….
      Vintage Tabu is quite something else! (Though the current iteration does smell disconcertingly like some rather lovely organic floor soap I use.)
      It truly if is a perfume that lives up to it’s name and then some… this is a scent that homes were wrecked to!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Bee

    I confess to owning both Purr and Meow from Katy Perry. It’s the cat bottles, they are so damn’ cute and the scents are very sweet but not obnoxious. I also have Britney’s Midnight Fantasy – but Chandler Burr said it was good! Really he did!! Ok, maybe he was joking….

    • Lilybelle

      I liked Midnight Fantasy during a particularly hot summer. It reminded me of the wild blackberries that grew nearby, only sugared and cooking in a pie or jam. Maybe I should request the Dandy do a review (evil grin).

    • Dearest Bee
      I must say, I think when scents are drugstore cheap, there’s nothing wrong with buying them just because the bottles are appealing!
      It’s a bonus if what’s inside is actually wearable…
      I don’t know the Katy Perry perfumes at all, maybe I should try…
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  5. I once knew a very rough and ready, but gorgeous, road worker. He used to wear Joop and I must confess that catching a whiff of this pungent cocoction still makes me go week in my knees……

    • Dearest Anna
      Hahaha. Yes, there is something about incongruous perfume that makes it irresistible. I have a clear memory of a sweet and charming teacher when I was at primary school who wore… Aromatics Elixir. For years I though of it as a charming and soft scent!
      The stuff of childhood crushes no less.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  6. Nena

    When I was younger and just getting into perfumes, I impulse bought a set of Britney Spears miniatures and a bottle of Britney Spears Believe, both of which now collect dust. I also have a bottle of Lady Gaga Fame (which I REALLY like), and a bottle of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, but that’s only because I like the bottle.

    • My Gaga has grown on me as well: once in a blue moon I crave it, usually when watching lurid melodramas like Almodovar.

    • Dearest Nena
      It does seem as though there’s a clear theme emerging here… Celebuscents!
      I suppose it’s predictable, they are there, heck, they are everywhere, they’re inexpensive and they are designed to be inoffensive… what’s not to like.
      You are though the first person I;ve heard with a good word to say about Gaga’s Fame!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • Nena

        One line of celebuscents I would never hide my love for is the Dita Von Teese line. I own the first two, and they are both absolutely gorgeous.

        Another seemingly guilty pleasure of mine is Coco Noir. A lot of people don’t seem to like it, but I have a big bottle of it on layby right now

      • Dearest Nena
        I know Ms Teese but not her scents, it certainly sounds as though that’s something I should aim to put right.
        I shan’t say to much about Coco Noir as there is a scented letter in the post and will arrive in the next few weeks.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Dear Mr Dandy

    At last! I am in Perfumes Anonymous! My guilty pleasure is Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights. The name and the fake brass lid would put many people off, but I read a great review of it on Australian Perfume Junkies, and since it was reasonably priced, I risked a blind buy. I’m not sorry at all- it’s wonderful! Papyrus and Patchouli- it smells like it cost much more than 7.95GBP for 50ml (price correct at time of purchase, it varies now).

    My Mum is a terrible snob about perfume and also celebrities and I tried this on her. She loved it and asked me what it was. “I’m not telling you” I said, deftly avoiding the “I’ve never heard of her” conversation.

    In my book, if it smells good, wear it. I long to try Jessica Simpson’s other scent just so I can say “I Fancy You” when someone asks me my scent. Hilarity would ensue.

    I also rather like the woody lemony base of good old Tweed.

    Your friend

    • Lilybelle

      Tweed is wonderful! I just discovered it. Shhh!! 😉

    • Dearest Iscent
      Welcome to Perfumes Anonymous.
      We’re so pleased that you made it along to this meeting and we really know that we can help you to change, but only if you have the courage and the will to change. Only if you really want it!
      Fancy Nights? There’s a Scented letter coming up very shortly on this very topic so I won;t say too much here, except for that looks can be deceiving and sometimes it actually helps if one doesn’t know who a celebrity is!
      Ooops. I have just realised that your mother and I probably have a lot in common…
      Tweed. What a name for a perfume. What an aroma.
      I can smell it now at several year’s remove!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • Dear Mr Dandy,

        I shall keep schtum on Fancy Nights in order to free up your thoughts on it. I also love Hilary Duff With Love. I was expecting Candy Floss (it was cheap and I wanted to review it) but instead I got dark Guaic Woods, and Pipe smoke. It’s wonderful! I had to Google Hilary Duff though as I was clueless.

        Your friend

      • Dearest Iscent
        Guaic Woods and pipe smoke *ears prick up*… I had no awareness of Ms Duff let alone the fragrance… actually it has been suggested for me to try! Maybe with your recommendation added it will make it to The Hit Parade one day…
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  8. rosestrang

    Yes to Turkish Delight, and any perfume that smells of it! And also, appropriately enough I do like CK’s Secret Obsession. I just wish there was something similar but with better longevity.

    It’s a cheap thrill too, at around £15 for 50 mls! It’s not surprising I love it, with its sandalwood, plum and mace, the tuberose isn’t strident, and I do find it quite sexy in a fun yet tacky kind of way. I wore it to work by mistake once and was followed around by a married director who kept muttering things into my ear. Hmm, maybe it attracts slightly weird types, but that’s ok once in a while!

    I’m not tempted by the sweeter Britney ones, not snobbery though, just too sweet

    • Dearest Rose
      THis is most amusing, most amusing indeed…. for a scented letter on Secret Obsession is also on its way (see previous comment re Fancy Nights).
      Weirdy Magnet… now that would be a good name for a fragrance, though probably something by Etat Libre.
      Like you I have no snob reason to dislike Britney, it’s just that Candy Floss note I can’t abide.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  9. Hilariously, mine is in your picture: FANTASY!

  10. I also thought that Midnight Fantasy was kind of good: it reminded me of the girl in Charlie In The Chocolate Factory, the one who inflated like a giant blueberry and drifted upwards into the sky she had had so much bubblegum (or something)

    • Dearest Ginza
      Ah yes, I remember the image….from the orginal. Though generally I love Tim Burton’s early films I thought trying to make Charlie and The Chocolate Factory darker was rather gilding the lily and more than a little self defeating… ooops I seem to be talking about Britney’s career there too!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  11. Dear Dandy,
    Great question! I confess to loving the original Dolce & Gabbana (red cap) for her. It’s loud! My husband bought it for me when we were dating in 1996.

    • Lilybelle

      I like that one too. My husband isn’t a perfume fan but he complimented D&G red cap once when I sampled it, a rare occurrence (the frag compliment I mean). I’ve never owned any but I’ve always sort of wanted a small bottle.

    • Dearest Annina
      My goodness that’s not loud, that’s a Guns and Roses concert of a scent!
      Hilarious though. And generous to, as when you’re wearing it everyone else will feel like they are too!
      In all seriousness, the volume set aside it’s not actually a bad scent nor was the male version.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  12. SallyM

    I have several guilty pleasures – Tweed, Kiku, Avon Timeless and – wait for it – vintage Brut ….

  13. Alice

    I’m going to lower the tone considerably and confess I actually like and wear…coco noir (universally panned on the perfume blogs)..and indeed most of the Polge mainstream brands, even, dare I say it, Chance edt. Gosh, what a relief to admit this; ‘perfumes anonymous’ is such a good idea!

    • Lilybelle

      You’re not alone Alice! I liked Coco Noir – can’t wear it myself but I think it smells good and it is unisex like CKOne. I liked Chance, too, when I tested it, for its soft patchouli.

    • Dearest Alice
      A few “Hail Mary’s” and and extra contribution to the church restoration fund and all will be forgiven.
      *The Dandy winks*
      Yours ever
      THe Perfumed Dandy

      • Alice

        Absolution! Thank you, dearest Mr Dandy. But…the fund should be to purchase a rare vintage fume (Caron?) for some impoverished soul who is much more deserving than me. A pound in the box for every spritz of Coco Noir!

      • Dearest Alice
        I now pronounce the ‘Tabac Blond Bottle Fund” established… purely for the benefit of purme deprived souls.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  14. Lilybelle

    I like Elizabeth Arden Red, pretty much universally loathed. I’ve never owned any myself but I have loved it on others.

  15. I have an old (plastic) bottle of Jean Nate hidden at home, and I don’t have the heart to throw it away. I also confess to liking *gulp* Marks and Spencer’s Lily of the Valley … *hides in utter shame under workstation cubicle*

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