Salty, scented air… The Perfumed Dandy’s Seaside Postcards



The Dandy has been away… again, I know, c’est trop…

In fact I’m only treading toes for a moment in old London town before I depart in the morning for The City of Light.

But before I head off across the Channel, a moment or two to share some images and scented impressions from a few days just past beside the waters at Brixham.

Azure Pool


Sharp Cool : Shay & Blue / Sicilian Limes

The Ragged Rocks


Stone White : Comme des Garcons / Odeur 53

Persistent Purple


Rock Lilac : Balmain / Jolie Madame

Bright Boats Bobbing


Insouciant Sailors : Worth / Je Reviens Couture

Stalwart at Slumber


Seadog : James Heeley / Sel Marin

Cliff-top Flower Meadow Miss


Gone With The Breeze : Guerlain / Flora Nymphea

Fierce Green


Alive or Machine? : Robert Piguet / Futur

Flowers By The Sea


Among The Herbs : Miller Harris / Fleurs de Sel

Night Swimmer



Mysterious Skin : Hermes / Eau des Merveilles

Sunset Pilot


Hitchcock Stranger : Guerlain / Vol de Nuit

A Paris with The Dandy maintenant.

When I return, in a touch over a week, a clutch of scented letters will be yours, plus a very special aromatic encounter with a new and wonderful novel and, I’m sure, a postcard or deux.

A bientot!

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy



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11 responses to “Salty, scented air… The Perfumed Dandy’s Seaside Postcards

  1. rosestrang

    Lovely, such joyful photos!
    Just out of interest – how does Heeley’s salty perfume compare with the Miller Harris? I’ve not tried either. And on a scale of saltiness are they far saltier than Eau des Merveilles?
    Have fun in Paris Sir Dandy!

  2. Lilybelle

    What beautiful photos! And perfect scented accompaniments. I am landlocked and now longing for the seaside. Enjoy Paris! A bientot! πŸ™‚

  3. Mary E.

    Mr. Dandy, what marvelous range of photos of the seaside & scents that are inspired by the salty air! Enjoy your trip to Paris! Your fancier, Mary

  4. Nena

    I have Flora Nymphea! It’s gorgeous!

  5. Those are amazing photos and great perfume combinations. πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Mr Dandy

    Your post is as refreshing as a blast of sea air after a muggy winter! I especially like the rock lilac photo and its association with my beloved Jolie Madame. It always reminds me of wet cliffs: must be that wonderful damp chalkiness!

    I am very much looking forward to your photo essay about Paris. i have been three times. In fact Mr IScent proposed there. It has very special memories and I have yet to stumble across an ugly bit. Perhaps you will visit Pere Lachaise cemetery? I always like to pay homage to La Mome Piaf who allegedly wore Bandit.

    Your friend

  7. Alice

    Beautiful photographs, and wonderful perfume associations. As IScent says, so refreshing! I’m pleased to see Shay & Blue in your list, I visited the shop a while back and was very impressed with the range. I liked the Sicilian Limes with its salty edge, and also the rose. Would love to see some comments from you on any of these.

    Looking forward also to hearing about Paris!

  8. PrivateFragranceFan

    Thank you for creating this inspiring and extremely beautiful “photo essay,” or perhaps “image poem” is a better description. I visited your blog looking for new fragrances, and as usual your creative, honest, and artful style succeeds.

  9. You are a master of juxtaposition.

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