Who is The Perfumed Dandy?

The identity of The Perfumed Dandy is a mystery.

He is a man or men or all men who share a secret fascination with the world of female fragrance.

He is an adventurer, a bon viveur, but mostly a flaneur.

The Perfumed Dandy appreciates the finer things in life: fine food, fine art, but most of all fine times and fine fragrant folks.

Always adept at looking dapper he was led astray from his well worn masculine grooming routine by a chance encounter with an headstrong young woman.

Cabochard changed his life.

She opened up new possibilities. Taught him that the labels of ‘male’ and ‘female’ did not apply where perfume was concerned.

She set him free to wear what he wanted and not to be dictated to by those on high he held in low esteem.

At yet, within a few too short hours, she was gone. She left him alone and unsatisfied.

She left him wanting more.

And so the search began: if one ‘made for women’ wonder could smell this good next to his skin were there others?

A dozen maybe? Fifty? One hundred? More?

Our ever intrepid friend strode forth. First he entered the finest smelling salons of the most fragrant web sites known to man and woman alike.

Here he posed his questions:

‘Which made for women fragrances can or should a man wear?’

‘Which female scents are even deadlier on the male?’

Answers there came not by the ones or twos but by the legion…

So now, with fighting force almost five hundred suggestions strong, our hero broke for the border. He left behind him the barren lands of manly scents and found himself abroad in another country of alternative aromas.

To keep faith with those he left behind he promised and he delivers regular reports of all he finds.

Not mere reviews for our connoisseur, his are crystalline reflections on rarefied new friends.

What’s more, to them at home he leaves the colossus of all his concerns…

Where should I go now? What should I smell and smell of next?

Already months into his voyage of discovery he and his crew of faithful followers are all set for a year long adventure.

How know I so much of this traveler’s tale? How can I give such an account of our Apollo’s adventures? Who am I to recount this rake’s progress?

Why, I am The Perfumed Dandy

The Perfumed Dandy

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