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Paradise above Lexington… Caron in Manhattan The Perfumed Dandy’s American Adventure


Quite a display isn’t it?

Glass amphorae filled with the finest extraits, pink puffs for sweet smelling powders and crystal flacons everywhere awaiting decants of the prized perfumes.

And as one might expect there’s a story behind it…

Today, by pure chance The Dandy came upon a business card (shall we say ‘calling card’, it does sound so much better?) that one thought one had lost forever.

Which would have been such a shame for it was given me by the splendid Ms Diane Haska who reigns supreme over the beautiful scene we see above.

For it is The Caron Boutique at Phyto Universe in New York City and Diane more than ably fills the entirely appropriately named position of Caron Ambassador there.

Whether that is Ambassador to the entire United States or merely the Empire State The Dandy is unsure, either way the diplomatic nomenclature could not be more apt: Diane is gracious and wise, graceful and discreet and utterly charming.

Everything one could ever hope for in an ambassador and attributes far exceeding those normally possessed by persons involved in the sale of scent.

Meeting Diane was a highpoint of My American Adventure, her passion for the house of Caron and its products shines out of her and informs the manner in which affairs are conducted in this petit palais of perfume.

Helpful and knowledgeable in equal measure, though charmingly camera and interview shy, in the flesh she is an animated, elegant and witty figure replete with funny tales of fragrance critics and reminiscences of days gone by when the Big Apple’s big stores would hire models to parade their perfume halls promoting the latest smells from Paris and beyond.

So entrancing is Diane in fact that The Dandy almost lost track of time and forgot that he was at Caron on an emergency errand to acquire a bottle of le 3eme Homme for his own brother’s wedding which was less than an hour away!

Fear not friends, the fragrance was found and, unlike the bride, I was not late for the matrimonials.

If ever you are in NYC and have a little time to spare, or indeed can make some time spare, do be sure to visit this sumptuous shrine to seriously beautiful perfume.

Oh, and for those of you who were worried that it was gone forever, a certain someone still has a supply of perfectly lovely Poivre

Do tell Diane The Dandy sent you!

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

Diane Haska is Caron Ambassador at
Phyto Universe
715 Lexington Avenue at 58th Street
New York
NY 10022

T: 212 308 0270
W: phytouniverse.com

The Perfumed Dandy

Post Script:

The Dandy should make clear that he paid for his own prefume that day and any enthusiasm shown here is the genuine article and not bought and paid for!!


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Our Agent Returns… le 3e Homme de Caron The Perfumed Dandy’s Selected Sunday Scent


Well My Dears

Your temporary man in America has returned home and to his writing desk.

I did miss you all terribly you know.

After a couple of days to clear the head and get my bearings, I am ready, just about, to go once more into the breach and recommence my adventures in the world of “women’s” perfume.

But before I do, I thought I would indulge myself with a little choice of my own and what better than…

le 3e Homme de Caron by Caron?

After all, what perfume could possibly be more appropriate for a traveler returned than this French masterpiece, inspired by a classic British film, directed by the illegitimate son of a Knight of the Realm and photographed by an Australian in ‘Dutch Angles, about an American writer in post war Austria all set to the unforgettable tune of an Hungarian zither player!

As if all of that were not enough, I read, after years of wearing this chypre-like delight, that some perfume writers consider it too ‘pretty’ for men… and wonder if any wear it!?!

Well to that there is an emphatic answer…. I am The Third Man!!!

Oh, gosh, all this voyage voyage has gone to my head… I am The Perfumed Dandy.

One last reason why I chose this Carol Reed-influenced Caron today is that The Dandy bought his latest stash a sensational little store on off Lexington Avenue, NYC whilst on his travels.

More about that anon… Indeed, this week will be full of American snaps, scents and reminiscences… and perhaps the odd review here and there to boot.

And London Town?

The skies may be grey, but the people and the place remain glorious.

The weather is humdrum, the life anything but and most importantly, it’s home.

It’s good to be back.


Just one final thing… as all the best sleuths and spies are known to say…

In keeping with the mood of mystery that this magical fragrance and the classic piece of cinema that inspired it conjure…

I wonder if you might be able to solve The Dandy‘s own little perfumed puzzle and identify which London landmark ‘the third man’ was snapped outside this morning in my own humble photograph at the top of the page?

Your missing person returned.

Your very own Third Man.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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