Premature Muguet Elation… Muguet du Bonheur by Caron The Perfumed Dandy’s Scent Today

IMG_20140405_104959 Okay. OK!

One admits it’s not May….

And therefore technically not the season for lily of the valley. IMG_20140405_103915

But heavens to betsy, on occasion one simply can’t resist!

And what’s perfume for if not to play with the seasons anyway? IMG_20140405_103233

In vintage cologne form, Caron‘s Muguet du Bonheur is a golden bar of gently aldehydic faux florality.

Antique, fleeting, savon pur and utterly, if momentarily, prepossessing. IMG_20140405_102106

There’s the usual talk of soapy, dusty, short-lived and, at once, elderly.

Nothing of the sort.

As light and bright as late Spring sunshine filtered through white blossom, this is nonchalant perfume for longer, warmer days and walking with no purpose other than being outside.

A scent worthy of its golden lid and splendid insignia. IMG_20140405_111206

Whilst I have chosen my own aroma on this occasion, another opportunity to place a new perfume on The Dandy‘s skin will arise with the next instalment of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade.

In the meantime if you would like to thrust forward a fragrance for future fame on The Hit Parade simply visit ‘Suggest and old scent or recommend a new one’ and leave your suggestion there.


Have an especially fragrant day.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy. The Perfumed Dandy


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8 responses to “Premature Muguet Elation… Muguet du Bonheur by Caron The Perfumed Dandy’s Scent Today

  1. Mary E.

    Just plucked out my tiny vial of vintage Caron Muguet du Bonheur and dabbed it on. I’m pretty use to Guerlain Muguet and this is very, very different and more seductive due to the lilac, heliotrope & orange blossom. A marvelous way to start the day!

    • Dearest Mary
      How right you are, that slight nuttiness and the lilac, together with the muguet come together on my skin to deliver something almost akin to, but definitely not, banana. And the orange blossom underneath, all woven with aldehydes. Quite a remarkable piece of engineering for such a slight and subtle scent.
      I adore it!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Lilybelle

    Caron’s Muguet du Bonheur must be one of the few muguets I haven’t tried. I’ll have to work on that, especially as I am enjoying exploring Caron lately. I’m currently enamored of Rose de Caron. And I don’t care what season it is. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, Mr. Dandy. xo

    • Dearest Lily
      As Mary so eloquently points out above, this is no ordinary muguet. Too much going on for that whiter-than-white never been kissed Edwardian sensibility we associate with the flower. But then, Diorissimo has a darker side!There is so much to be discovered in Caron’s back catalogue. Rose is lovely, though it varies in incarnations, do you have the very recent one or something older?
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Have you ever tried White Petals by Keiko Mecheri? I remember lily of the valley and peony…

    • Dearest V
      Keiko Mecheri is a parfumeur I hear nothing but good things about, but we seem to have so little opportunity to sample here.
      Muguet and Peony, now that sounds as soft as a feather bed.
      How very Sunday.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Nena

    Even though it’s autumn here, I feel like this is the sort of scent I should be wearing right now, as it is still very warm.

    • Dearest Nena
      Whenever there is warmth it’s a good time for lily of the valley. Autumn and spring especially. The lilac in this one adds a little sparkle that would be just perfect as the seasons gently change.
      My Muguet du Bonheur is a cologne and lasts about as long as I’d expect it to, I think the toilette is more soapy and has an endurance an hour or too greater. In this instance I think short but sweet is better.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

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