Sealed with a kiss… 

Dearest All

As some of you have been kind enough to mention:

 Yesterday The Dandy turned one.

Sometimes it really is appropriate to keep it short and simple.

So I simply wanted to say thank you for reading, commenting, participating making The Dandy what he is:

A Labour of Love.

Purely by chance, the eve of this Happy Birthday was the most popular day ever here with more people tuning in and flicking through more scented letters than at any time before.

The best present we could have hoped for.

Once again…

Yours ever, in gratitude and with great affection,

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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29 responses to “Sealed with a kiss… 

  1. Dearest Dandy,

    Has it only been a year? You feel like a permanent fixture in the nicest possible way! We are all better off for your presence. Thank you for brightening up my days with your incredible reviews and illustrations, not to mention your kind comments, enlightenment and encouragement.

    Many happy returns and many more to come!

    Your Friend

  2. Lilybelle

    Thank YOU, Perfumed Dandy! xoxo ♥

  3. Congratulations, dearest Dandy! Thank you for writing such brilliantly insightful reviews and lovely photographs. You’re different, and I’m glad we have you 🙂

    The Smelly Vagabond

  4. I was going to send you birthday wishes from Marilyn, but this recording so much more fun. Besides, Dandies are a girl’s best friend!


    here’s to a lot more fragrant years! 😉

  6. Xquiscents Perfumes

    Congratulations, I”m looking forward to many more posts.

  7. Dear Dandy,
    What a year it was!
    I hope the inspiration stays with you for many more fragrant lettered years.
    With love,

  8. Cheryl

    Dearest Dandy,
    You are all things delightful and insightful, and the thanks go to you.
    What a joy ride!

  9. batkitty

    What a wonderful year it’s been, Mr. Dandy! Wishing you many more–

  10. Whoosh, and many more whooshes to ya! You are inspired and also an inspiration.

  11. SallyM

    The happiest of first birthdays dear Mr. Dandy! I’m looking forward to reading many more scented letters 🙂

  12. rosestrang

    Your blog has enhanced the year Sir Dandy, with perfumed witticisms,beauty and cheer! Log may it continue, and thank you for your thoughtful and warm responses. Happy Birthday to your blog Dear Sir T.P.D! xx

    • Dearest Rose
      What would The Dandy do without you?
      Your presence here is always a wise and welcome addition, the adventure would be all the poorer sans vous.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy
      PS Still mulling over that fascinating piece of yours on Scottish independence…

  13. rosestrang

    It’s a pleasure to be here Sir Dandy!
    The blog piece was sparked by the fact that even though I’d consider Scottish independence it would never be on the basis of feeling separate from the rest of the UK, I have so many ties with people around the UK, and certainly enjoy London whenever I’m there. It’s more the choices made by a fairly detached centralised government, which I reckon we all question.

    Off topic completely! (I’m trying to think of a political perfume, hmm, challenging!)

  14. This is quite belated, dearest Dandy, but I just wanted to wish you a very happy first birthday! Here’s to many more!

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