Crikey! It’s 20 scents more one never knew a gent could wear?! The Perfumed Dandy’s Library Catalogue #9


My Word! It’s been something of a while since we had a peek inside the perfumed pages of The Dandy‘s back catalogue… indeed, some of you may have thought this folio had slipped my mind entirely.

What am I taking about? Well, where to begin…

Has The Perfumed Dandy mentioned that since starting out on his amazing adventure in the Wicked Wild West that is the World of Women’s Perfume he has amassed from dear readers an astonishing array of now over 550 suggestions of once forbidden ‘female fragrances’ that you consider fit for a gentleman to wear?

Well, The Dandy has most certainly mentioned it now!

Being ever one to share both the love and the wisdom, I have taken it upon myself to spread cognisance of these suggested scents far and wide on a semi regular (as it’s turned out) basis.

Such is the premise of our today’s start the week peek inside the The Perfume Dandy’s Library Catalogue.

What follows is the ninth installment of ’20 scents one never knew a man could wear’ that may tickle either your fancy or your funny bone…

If you would like to further the cause of one of the fragrances, getting it a step closer to the dizzying heights of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade kindly respondez-vous to this post.

Alternatively if you believe you have the perfect perfume for The Dandy but can’t see it listed below simply visit ‘Suggest a new scent or recommend an old one’ to put the name forward.


1. Calvin Klein Eternity

It seems to have been around forever… is it worth a try?

2. Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls

We’ve had the White Diamonds could it be time for the jewel-loving Dame Liz’s Black Pearls?

3. La Prairie Midnight Rain

Heavens… what a flacon! Can the fragrance be as bold?

4. Marks and Spencer Opulence

Where we Brits go to buy our “pants”… but would one ever shop there for perfume?

5. Yves Saint Laurent Cinema

Can a scent really capture the magic of the silver screen?

6. Ted Lapidus Envol

Should The Dandy get ‘envol-ved’ with this? Apologies…

7. Ted Lapidus Vu par Ted Lapidus

I don’t have a “vu” on this yet! Should I get one? Apologies…. again…

8. Pierre Balmain Vent Vert

How come so little love for this green dream machine? It’s a wet grass wonder, no?

9. Rochas Mystere

Time for the Mystere-y to end? Okay… shoot me… put us all out of this punning misery!

10. Yves Rocher Yria

No pun. No comment. I know nothing of this perfume… honest.

11. Dolce&Gabbana D&G Anthology L`Amoureux 6

The Dandy has so enjoyed what he’s tried from this series he would be beside himself with joy to sample another. Ahem.

12. Reminiscence Eau de Patchouli

Is what’s inside more attractive than the bottle?

13. Yves Saint Laurent La Collection Nu

The Dandy’s reviewed the rather lovely original. Is this a remix that’s worth giving a spin?

14. Hermes Rouge Hermes

Another classic that we’ve overlooked to date?

15. The Different Company Rose Poivree

One must admit to being something of a sucker for a spicy rose… would this fit the bill?

16. Gucci Guilty

Everything about this fills me with a feeling of foreboding… am I right to be afraid?

17. Givenchy Les Parfums Mythiques – Eau de Givenchy

These re-created classics from Givenchy have impressed so far… is this a possibility or a case of vintage only?

18. Sisley Soir de Lune

Sisley are the guardians of one of The Dandy’s Holy Grails: the ever-wonderful Eau de Campagne. Could this be anywhere near as good?

19. Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Bel Respiro

Could a perfume named after Coco’s escape prove lucky for The Dandy?

20. Yves Saint Laurent Paris

We will always have Paris, but would we want to smell of it?

So there we have it.

Quite a mixed bag of fortunes, some old, some new, some classic… a few to make me blue.

Now it’s over to you!!

Now, I know I’m repeating myself but… If you would like to further the cause of one of the fragrances, getting it a step closer the dizzying heights of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade kindly respondez-vous to this post.

Alternatively if you believe you have the perfect perfume for The Dandy but can’t see it listed above simply visit ‘Suggest a new scent or recommend an old one’ to put the name forward.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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26 responses to “Crikey! It’s 20 scents more one never knew a gent could wear?! The Perfumed Dandy’s Library Catalogue #9

  1. brie

    “crickey” OOOH I love that word…sounds similar to one I use quite often- “yikes!” Ok, back to the perfume…Mr. Dandy, there are quite a few I am not familiar with! Can’t wait to hear what your take on them!

    • Dearest Brie
      Isn’t *Crikey* just a tip top sort of a word!?!
      I like it almost as much as *golly*, but the best for my money must be *golly gosh*!!
      I’m with you, there are a few strangers to me amongst these… which makes my voyage of discovery all the more exciting!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Lilybelle

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mystere. How I wish I had some! And Vent Vert is great. I wear and enjoy that current version of Eau de Givenchy, but I suspect it won’t fly for those who knew the original. Cinema is nice. I propose Mystere.

    • Dearest Lily
      With these browses through the library catalogue, on may propose as many perfumes as on likes… so I accept all your recommendations gratefully!!
      I must say, that I find the Givenchy series rather well done, in the case of III perhaps even eclipsing the original… I can hear the sound of folks falling of their chairs from here!!
      Your ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Lilybelle, I was about to write the exactly same thing, as my heart literally did also skip a beat when I saw Mystere ( I DO have some, enough to spare…..this is a MARVELLOUS perfume..). Vent Vert too. Utterly divine. I am hoping that one day I stumble across some vintage somewhere.

    I have a semi-written review of Mystere, actually, but can never quite get a handle on it. So deep and strange.

    Never heard of the Lapiduses though, so also quite intrigued by them. That Envol bottle is strangely alluring…..

    • Dearest Ginza
      I am on the look out for some old Mystere, but as the UK has become a perfume island due to crazy postal restrictions (albeit mercurially and unevenly applied) I must wait for a Britisher to pop some on the market!.
      I never read reviews of scents until after I’ve tried them… but will look forward to seeing yours the moment this spray has settled and the words are down on paper.
      And, yes, the Lapiduses (sounds like a bed of precious flowering plants or some truculent neighbours) are intriguing and unheard of here too!
      All noted and added to the list with thanks.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

    • Lilybelle

      I will be sure to read your review of Mystere. I think you can still get it here but I haven’t thought about it in ages. It is (was) a heart stopper!

    • and when you stumble across vintage Vent Vert I expect a small sample coming my way !!!!

  4. Joan

    What? Little love for Vent Vert? Maybe the current version sucks (honestly I don’t know,) but the vintage is phenomenal.

    Gucci Guilty is decent too.

    • Dear Joan
      Sometimes it happens… as with Vent Vert, that everyone forget about it and then the moment it appears on a list there’s collection gasp of appreciation.
      Hurrah say I, this is one I have been looking forward to.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  5. M&S Per Una? Goodness gracious, dearest Dandy! I wonder if the fragrance is sold alongside maxi tulip skirts . . .

    I say go for it, M. Dandy! I await the update!

    • Dearest Biscuit
      I know, but two people have suggested in the course of my travels… I shall wade through the rails of white linen bloussons to see if I am able to hunt some down!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • Two people suggested it? That is remarkable! Now I am very curious šŸ™‚ The only M&S scent I remember smelling recently was the one from Twiggy, who has so cool back in the day but has since developed tastes reminiscent of Mariah Carey…

      • Dearest Biscuit
        Well… and I’m not sure if this is just M&S on Oxford Street here in London Town, but they’ve suddenly grown a perfume department full to the brim with Fragonard, Roger et Gallet, Pacifique Sud and quite a few other Italian and French brands, plus a Lyn Harris (of Miller Harris) range to boot.
        There’s actually rather a lot going on at less than Ā£50 that’s worth knowing about!
        Who’d have thought it!
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  6. Alice

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on eau de patchouli, and also on black pearl (its one I associate with a particular person, who wore it to great effect!)
    I LOVED both the Ted Lapidus bottles! I’ve never heard of or seen either of these, so would be delighted to learn more (and would buy them for the bottle alone if I ever come across it)

    • Dearest Alice
      All your recommendations most gratefully received and noted down in The Dandy’s burgeoning note books.
      I too am curious about those Lapiduses as I’ve never heard of them… I wonder if they are still lurking somewhere out there!?!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  7. ojaddicte

    The La Prairie flacon is so dramatic, I am intrigued to find out what it holds. I love and wear the original Nu, I shudder to think what the re-release smells like…
    Dear Mr. Dandy, I look forward to reading your thoughts on whatever is selected for you to review!

    • Dear Ojaddicte
      Thank you so much for your kind words… I have heard good things about la Prairie, so would be curious too to try it.
      Reformulations always make me shudder and judging by the evidence of the rest of the l’Oreal remakes of YSL’s fragrances, I wouldn’t expect much of the new Nu.
      Such a shame.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  8. I love Paris! It’s one of my favorites. Why do I remember Cinema from long ago? Is it an older scent? I’d love to try that one in particular.

    • Dearest Gripping
      Who couldn’t love Paris… the place that is, but the perfume is one I’ve never tried, so I’m eager to give it a go!
      As for Cinema, I believe it dates from about a decade ago, but maybe there was another scent from an earlier time with the same name… could anyone out there illuminated us?
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  9. batkitty

    Dear Dandy,
    Vent Vert, Mystere, Paris, green, chypre, floral! I love all three of these. I think they’re all in tolerable shape in reformulation, although personally I’m most frustrated by the changes in Mystere, so if you can find a bit of vintage in that one, all the better–it’s wonderful perfume.

    • Dearest Batkitty
      Green. Chypre. Floral. Hurrah. Hurrah! Hurrah!!
      Thank you for the tip off regarding reformulation – I have the previous Vent Vert and Paris to the current and will be in the way of procuring the Mystere over the next week.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  10. That photograph of Elizabeth in her black pearls was taken in her Bel Air swimming pool by Helmut Newton….she had her hair all done up BIG and he suggested she go under the water and come back up all wet. She loved the idea and the picture was created.

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