Think… Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall Perfumes The Perfumed Dandy’s Festival of Roses Part I

Starting with a lily, not in the least funereal but as innocent as lace trim on a summer linen dress, this is a sweet contrivance of a scent: a fugue on youth’s pleasures made fragrant.

In that floral garland at the top is a little citrus, a touch of menthol, the kind of complex smell that emanates from a rose cultivated for aroma over appearance.

In its botanical veracity this perfume may appear simple, but these antique roses rarely are straightforward, and in that apparent single flower resides jasmine, bitter orange flower and not a little violet too. IMG_20130627_174033

Then things open out in a subtle but entrancing way.

A dolls house icing sugar snow storm comprised of the unsweet sweet powder that dusts the best Turkish delight. Then on an instant a teenage girl at the cusp of adulthood swirls on an English lawn, her skirt and arms trail across a bush of prize roses.

They give their scent involuntarily to her burgeoning beauty.

All of this. All of this, but in a hush.

A quiet perfume the whole while this one. Rose flavoured ice cream and deluxe antique scented moisturiser are equal partners in the next part of the performance; a little vanilla here, some sandalwood and clean musk there.

This phase, with subtle well-mannered florals, like a polite tea fete in the background, lingers longest, before drying down to a pleasant almost old-fashioned gentlemanly shaving soap smell. Pretty In Pink, conjures with olfactory accords that are the equivalent of the Edwardian images familiar from Forster’s novels made film and television costume dramas.

That is not to say that this is an old-fashioned perfume, not at all, for every generation re-invents the past in its own image.

It is a delicate portrait of what it feels to be young and free and rather innocent and at the start of an awfully big adventure.

A perfect gift for a first sweetheart. Pell Wall Perfumes is a very small British producer, so small in fact that some of the petals for this perfume are picked in the perfumer’s own Shropshire garden.

I have highlighted their very fine fragrances before I do so again without hesitation.

British Garden Partywhat an excellent way to start the festivities!

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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11 responses to “Think… Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall Perfumes The Perfumed Dandy’s Festival of Roses Part I

  1. Lilybelle

    How lovely! I don’t know Pell Wall but I’d like to. I love all that pink – it makes a smile well up from my heart. It’s true what you say: there is more going on in the scent of a rose than rose. I sniffed more roses than I could count at the Rose Park, and every single one was different. It could easily become an obsession.

    • Dearest Lily
      Do you know the song ‘Think Pink’ from the musical film ‘Funny Face’? Those lovely ladies, photographed by Avedon are from the sequence.. it’s guaranteed to lift these winter blues.
      As to roses, they are far more complex and diverse than most people imagine.
      I have great pleasure escorting people to the Rose Garden in season to point out the difference between a citrus rose and a radox, an old fashioned tea rose and a delicate modern. Truly the aromas vary every bit as much as the appearance.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely and insightful review of one of my first perfume releases. I’m delighted that you enjoyed it: roses are indeed amazing flowers and rose oil is one of the most complex ingredients used in perfumery.


    • Dear Chris
      How splendid of you to drop by.
      It was an absolute pleasure to highlight ‘Pretty In Pink’. It seems somehow appropriate that it should have been one of your first professional perfumes as I think it would make the perfect gift for a sophisticated young adult about to embark on her scent career.
      As always, in very high regard of your work.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  3. rosestrang

    That Turkish Delight looks delicious. I’d love a perfume with Turkish Delight rose but haven’t discovered one yet, though I’ve tried a few ‘Loukum’ style perfumes.
    I haven’t heard of this company, but do like the sound of their perfumes, and those wooden soap bowls – lovely!

  4. It’s a blessedly cold and rainy day here (drought conditions) and reading this is like evoking a spring garden. Must see if I can find a bottle…

  5. Dear Mr Dandy

    I’m intrigued. I shall be trying and buying from this charming company very soon. Lovely website.

    Your friend

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