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Spooks’ scents and phantom fragrances… The Perfumed Dandy’s Halloween Week of Olfactory Horrors

Cher Amis

Inspired by the storms which, if not quite raging, still persist around us, and being ever one for joining in the sensations of the season, this week The Dandy takes trip to the dark side, the realm of the olfactory occult.

Over the next few days a pick of perfumes, fair and foul, that speak to the time when witches, warlocks, phantoms, ghouls and horrors of all kinds abound.

I beseech you, remain close by my side as these adventures may place your dear Dandy in mortal peril.

Perhaps indeed danger might be warded off if I too appeared, or at least smelt, as one of the undead.

So your suggestions please as to perfumes that might be best worn when consorting with those from the ‘other world’…

What are your favourite and most frightening fragrances?

Yours ever, in spirit…

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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