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The Perfumed Dandy’s own scent….. Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes

All Hail My Dear Fellows!!

As The Perfumed Dandy is almost officially on his holidays (of which more to follow) and by way of tribute to the wonderful craftspeople of Hermes (again more words and pictures to come on these delightful folks) I have selected my own perfume today.

Sadly, this wonderful aromatic slice of Mediterranean “woodland by the sea” life is unisex.

So Jean-Claude Ellena‘s masterpiece is unfortunately exempt from normal competition.

Fortunately, its beautiful composition of evocative fig leaf sun-bleached cypresss and elegant cedar underscored with florals, citrus and a simply stunning smokey nut note, is a personal favourite.

Indeed for a while a few years ago, this came about as close as anything ever does to being The Dandy’s signature scent in Summer.

High praise indeed.

I do hope you will forgive me this straying away from normal practice just on this occasion!

Meanwhile another opportunity to place a new perfume on The Dandy‘s skin is available though, in the current edition of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade.

As ever if you would like to thrust forward a fragrance for future fame on the hit parade simply visit ‘Suggest and old scent or recommend a new one’ and leave your suggestion there.

Have an especially fragrant day.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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