Go on! Suggest a new scent or recommend an old one…

There are, by common consent, around some 17,500 scents in circulation.

At least, that is, according to reputable sources consulted by The Perfumed Dandy.

Cursory examination of the literature suggests that the bulk of these fragrances are deemed by the authorities to be for ladies only!


I beg to differ.

And so, quite rightly, do many of you.

Over the last months I have conversed with many a fragrantophile at length about those ‘made for women scents’ that good sense dictates any gentleman of taste should feel free to indulge himself in.

The list of female fragrances for me to try, as I may have mentioned, is now well over 400 recommendations in length.

However, it is an ever expanding compendium that I compile, and so your carefully considered suggestions are most heartily welcomed.

If you have a so-called ladies’ perfume you would like to put forward for my perusal, simply pop it down in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below.

If others second your nomination, then it will make it’s way onto The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade – a choice pick of the top ten smells that are put out to a popular poll each day.

The winner of this ballot then finds itself next to my skin on the very next available occasion!

Oh lucky thing!!

So, dear friends, I implore you: shower me with your newly unisexual suggestions!!!

Remember, the more fans a fragrance has the better it’s chance of getting close to The Perfumed Dandy‘s person…

After all that I feel a lie down coming on.

183 responses to “Go on! Suggest a new scent or recommend an old one…

  1. I am going to get the ball rolling with the first suggestion. From the house of Dior may I put before you for your most esteemed consideration, La Collection Couturier Parfumeur New Look 1947 Dior for women.

    • Ah The New Look. The casting aside of the austerities of war with acres of fine fabric.
      I wonder can this design from Dior’s wonderful Collection match the voluptuousness of 1947’s original?
      I hope we will discover soon.

  2. Alice Spencer

    A particular favourite of mine – Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit. I have an old empty bottle of it that I sniff occasionally….

  3. I wonder what you think about Prada Candy, one of my most favourite ladies perfumes from my very favourite house of Prada

    • Now Mr Lucas a new scent – I haven’t tried this one yet – so will add it to the list.
      Prada is a house that divides me – some I love and others I admire the engineering of, but…
      More of this anon when the reviews start.
      But please do keep the suggestions coming they all get logged away in my ledger.

  4. imsookool

    Monsieur Dandy, may I suggest a fragrance I recently partook of which has entangled my heart. A fragrance esteemed for it’s vivacious originality and uplifting natural character. It is a creation of the well regarded perfumer Monsieur Jean Carles for the House of Caven entitled Ma Griffe. Which Monsieur Google tells me is French and suggestive of a pleasurable reaction to a carnal act. I would truly appreciate your enlightened interpretations of it’s olfactory tenacity.
    If this fragrance does not find a place in your dossier – Vol de Nuit then, I say Sir!

    • Why Mr Imsookool.
      How do you do?
      You are most welcome to the Dandy’s humble abode.
      The Dandy tips his hat to you (or would do if he were wearing one presently).
      Now, how could a gentleman refuse such a beautifully set out suggestion.
      Consider Monsieur Carven’s most estimable Ma Griffe added to the list – let us hope that such a pleasant wafter as this makes it onto the first edition of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade.
      What ho Imsookool.
      I hope and trust to make your acquaintance again soon.
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • imsookool

        Thank you Monseigneur Dandy. Your kindness is surpassed only by your wit and intellect!
        Just in case you were wondering, my interest in the aforementioned fragrance has nothing to do with my mother’s name being Griffe. It’s just coincidental. My ma Griffe has little interest in the olfactory arts. Worry not Sir, I will keep my day job!

      • Ah bien sur. Had yours been the mother in question and you been M. Carven, then she would surely been Maman Griffe! How sad that your dear maman does not engage with the scented arts. I do hope that it is not too late to reform her…

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  6. It is nice to have a page where one can suggest scents… Great idea.

    I am going through a phase in which I am infatuated with Aromatics Elixir and especially the Perfumer’s Reserve version. Both scent and bottle are amazing and I enjoy them on my skin. What do you think?

    • Ah Welcome Christos!!
      I rather like all this interactive mullarkey too. Or as I prefer to call it – having a conversation.
      Now, I don’t want to break any secrets here, but Aromatics Elixir has already been encountered on my journey and a report will be making it’s way back to you good folks on a Friday very soon as part of my ‘Classic Collection’.
      I too am a great fan of both scent and flacon and, truth be told, the range of sizes it comes in from 4ml up.
      Just perfect.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  7. rosestrang

    Hello again Sir!
    I’m Woodlandwalk, aka, Rose. We exchanged greetings on Fragrantica recently, and I suggested two perfumes. I’m not sure if they match the criteria of being strictly ‘women’s’ perfumes (both are unisex).

    I’m of the opinion that they’ve been branded thus because they fall into the category of slightly ‘odd’ simply because they’re not fruity toilet gel-like, or they aren’t tootifrootichouli ala Angel!

    The perfumes I choose are Black by Bulgari and L’Air de Rien by Miller Harris

    Kind Regards

    • Hello m’Dear
      Of cause I recall, who can forget a Woodland walk in the company of so fair a lady.
      Yes, I recall you suggestions, but malheureusement, only strictly feminine fragrance is allowed (and my word there have been some debates already!).
      I feel sure your mind will turn itself to other smells at await already in anticipation your renewed recommedations.
      (Though I must say I like the ones you’ve forwarded all the same).
      Bulgari black and Shalimar are I feel sure related, even if it be out of wedlock.
      Pshaww, I gossip and must hurry along before my day is done.
      Thank you – your presence here is always a pleasure.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed dandy

      • rosestrang

        Good Evening Monsieur,

        Your predictions are accurate, my mind has already turned to other scents for your olfactorial perusal, and if I may suggest two:
        ‘Bois de Paradise’ by Parfums delRae and ‘Art Collection #2’ by Jacomo.

        I haven’t tried either, but I’m particularly intrigued by the description of #2 as reminiscent of an art class – I’m always looking for perfumes and music to spark my muse as I paint for a living

        Looks like your nose will be deluged soon, what interesting posts here already!


      • Dearest Rose of Strang (for we have another Rose here and I would hate to confuse you fine ladies)
        Your fascinating suggestions are noted and The Dandy tips his hat to them an inscribes them in his ledger.
        Good day to you fair madam.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  8. Lilybelle

    May I make two requests in one post? I had to think a while. Offered the opportunity to request any fragrance review I liked, I found myself stumped, paralyzed by choice. Here are two that have been on my mind recently: (1) Balmain Jolie Madame. And (2) Madame Rochas. I don’t have any new fragrance requests. Your review of Prada Infusion d’Iris convinced me to blind buy a mini. “Hitchcock Blonde”. I loved that. 🙂 I’ve been craving iris lately, so that was a very timely review. I had to blind buy it because someone stole the tester at Ulta and I’m not in the mood to brave the mall.

    • Dearest Lilybell
      Just a quick assurance as I come fully up to date with all correspondence that both your Balmain and Rochas are duly noted and added to the ledger.
      I am so pleased that Grace kelly worked out well for you – or was it Tippy Hedren…
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • Lilybelle

        Thank you, Mr. Dandy. I see we’ve been keeping you busy adding to your ledger, which you’ve mentioned is almost complete now with well over a year’s worth of wearings. I think you mentioned Kim Novak in your Infusion d’Iris review. She seemed more fiery than Tippy or Grace, didn’t she? 😉

      • Dearest Lilybelle
        Oh yes – I suspect that Kim Novak was more than a match for Hitch and his wandering hands – one glacial stare from that ice maiden’s eyes and the Dandy would be might petrified!!
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  9. poodle

    I would love to see you review Vero Profumo Rubj. It’s one of the most challenging scents I’ve tried yet it makes other people swoon.

    • Dear Poodle
      Thank you kindly for the suggestion.. Consider it added to the 425+ ledger – if others can be persuaded to support your pick too, then it will surely make The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade. A truly top notch selection starting out tomorrow!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  10. Miss Misty

    I am supporting Vero Kern’s Rubj, her whole small line of fragrances is of outstanding quality. Think classic Guerlain, Caron etc.
    My favourite is Onda, a spicy dark green vetiver. I always picture the Scottish Highlands when I smell this scent, don’t know why because I have never been there …

  11. Funnyboy

    Just in case they are not on your to try list could you add Jardins de Bagatelle and Diva by Ungaro p.s How can we see the list of pending fragrances?

  12. I incorrectly mentioned this recommendation elsewhere but here it is again! Kingdom by Alexander McQuenn (maybe even My Queen?).

  13. I would like to put forth for your consideration Balenciaga Cristobal.

  14. Lilybelle

    I’ve been wearing No. 5 Eau Premiere the past couple of days. It seems quite feminine to me. I wonder whether a dandy would dare.

    • Oh Lilybelle
      I should tell you now – the Dandy always dares.
      Did he not get involved in that Fracas for example?
      And, well, as this Friday’s special installment will show even the icons of womanhood are not beyond him.
      Eau Premiere is added to the list!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy.

    • Now thank you for asking.
      There’s actually quite a queue of reviews – as people have been voting over the last three months whilst the Dandy was in temporary accommodations at other sites. As such, the likes of Ms Spears will have to wait her turn!!
      She will arrive, Boudicca like, eventually.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy.

  15. Lilybelle

    I’m glad to know I wasn’t seeing things.

  16. rosestrang

    Can I suggest Penhaligon’s Amaranthine? (I think I posted in the hit parade #5 – not sure if I clicked the button). Amaranthine is a fascinating opinion divider, I found it deeply weird, but many women love it!

  17. imsookool

    May I suggest a humble beauty. One that doesn’t care for the fancy dress ball or exchanging chatter over canapes and Darjeeling tea. Her preferred parties are on Saturday nights held in the small apartments of friends sipping on wine coolers – directly from the bottle! – listening to loud contemporary adult musac beaming from a table-top diskette player while hugging the gents at every appropriate opportunity and as for tea she always prefers a simple Lipton – hot or cold – with a splash of lemon juice concentrate of course. Her name is Island Gardenia by Jovan. An average and comfortably humble salt of the earth type, and when you catch her in the right light and she comes over to give you a hug – ah, there is a glory to be sung!

    • My Dear Imsookool
      What a divinely down to earth sort this one sounds!!
      I can’t wait to share some mil tea with here and get down to ‘Talk of The Town’ or the latest popular beat combo.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  18. In honor of the Oscars and my newest review I dare you to go Movie Star and wear White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor.

  19. rickyrebarco

    Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle
    More tuberose, please!

  20. And so it was Ricky that your votes and wishes were granted.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  21. rosestrang

    Dear TPD, hello Sir!
    I recall your excellent and insightful review of Prada’s Infusion d’Iris. I love that perfume and I’m currently in the process of comparing and contrasting with the new Parfum Absolue of Infusion d’Iris. I am getting a definite impression, but I’ll say no more and hope you’ll consider adding this to your list of new perfumes
    Best wishes

    • Dearest Rose
      The Dandy’s little behind with his paperwork (or this one slipped down the back of the filing cabinet) but do consider it added to the list!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • rosestrang

        Hello! Likewise Sir Dandy, it’s all a bit hectic at the moment, but I’ve been enjoying your reviews. I’d be fascinated to read your imaginative take on Prada’s Infusion d’Iris Parfum absolue, also I think Amaranthine (mentioned above in another of my posts) is review-worthy, I’m just flummoxed as to why many people find Amaranthine a soft floral when I find it so alarming!

  22. Lilybelle

    Mr. Dandy, I would sooo love it if you would review vintage Chantilly. It is a fluffy marabou frou-frou of a fragance.

  23. An old favorite of mine is Rive Gauche, by Yves Saint Laurent. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it lightens my mood and feels just right for any occasion. It’s sophisticated in it’s own little practical way. When I travel abroad I’m never without it.

    My new love is Narciso Rodriguez. The Eau De Parfum is heavenly. I’d love to know what your take on it is. Do tell.

    Cheers to you,
    A Gripping Life

    • Dear Gripping
      Well, you know I’ve always been rather surprised that Rive Gauche has made a stronger show thus far… The Dandy has noted your suggestion and placed the recommendation in the ledger.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  24. I would like to recommend Estee Lauder Beautiful edp – a go big or go home blend of tobacco, tuberose and stone fruit. The idea of smelling Beautiful on man sends me to swoon city!

    • Welcome Joann
      Well, you will be pleased to hear that Beautiful has already reached the top of The Hit Parade and is currently in the holding pen being cogitated over ahead of a review appearing some time very soon – I’ll be sure to keep you in the picture when it does appear.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  25. Alice Spencer

    Dandy dear – Christian Dior Eau Fraiche – had some years ago and never seen since. The most beautiful cologne…x

    • Ah Dearest Ms Spencer
      The Dandy has tracked this down in the new reformulation and at a secret location – he would be most pleased to try this out – but others must second your claim to make it to the hallowed heights of The Hit Parade…please please do start a campaign!!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  26. Anna

    Miss Balmain!

    Rouge by Hermes.

    forms of truth or its absence..
    thank you

    • Dear Ana
      Apologies for the delay, The Dandy’s been a little inundated – consider your wonderful suggestions – I love the houses of Balmain and Hermes in general – added to the leather bound ledger.
      I do hope it won’t be too long before they make their way to the top!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  27. rosestrang

    Sir Dandy,

    I’m just discovering the wonders of Frederick Malle’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’ and believe this would be a very worthy addition to your list of perfumes to try. Within the first 20 minutes of applying this, hundreds of beautiful associations cam to mind. It’s what I wanted Amouage’s Lyric Woman to be like – I was somewhat disappointed by LW, but this is really quite something!


    • Dearest Rose (how very appropriate)
      This fragrance has indeed been sampled by The Dandy and will feature in a forthcoming Friday Review.
      I agree wholeheartedly that it is a true work of wonder – thank you, as always, for bringinganother joy to all our attentions again.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • rosestrang

        Ha! yes it’s a bit much – a Rose raving about a Rose fragrance! My full name is Rosemary so I also have the medicinal option
        Look forward to the review..

        I was intrigued to hear you’d visited the West Coast of Scotland, best part of Scotland by far!
        Best wishes

  28. Ana

    How about the bitter-ish Laguna by Salvador Dali? It isn’t an ultra feminine scent so I think a view from a man’s skin would be welcomed…

  29. I´m not sure if you have reviewed it before but I would love to see you wearing Samsara parfum vintage. Onde of my favorites sandalwoods so conforting and rich. ❤

    • Dear Fernando
      Samsara has reached the top of The Hit Parade, and The Dandy is still considering his thoughts on it, but your works may well have helped hurry it to the top of the list…
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  30. Cassandra

    Dear TPD,

    Your website is really fun!
    There is this new perfume called Hedonist ( by Victoria Minya ), I would like to know if you have already sampled it? If yes, what do you think?
    The bottle is beautiful, so I really would like to buy one, but I want to know how the scent is before spending 130 EUR.

    Thank you,

    • Dear Cassandra
      Welcome to The Dandy’s place – I’m so pleased that you like the look of it so far.
      The perfume you speak certainly seems to live up to its name – a boozey flowery affair with a wood and vanilla base?
      I haven’t tried as of yet, but will keep an eye out for it on my scented travels – I have also noted it down in my ledger and should it receive suffucient votes it could well hit The Hit Parade.
      Once again, bienvenue and do make yourself at home!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  31. Alice Spencer

    Do you remember the fun we had with Annick Goutal’s Ce Soir ou Jamais Dandy? What larks…….x

  32. Lilybelle

    Mr. Dandy, I would like to recommend – hopefully it has been requested before now – Chanel No. 22. It is my favorite aldehydic fragrance. Thank you for all the reviews so far. You are a good sport, and none better!

  33. TeenaLeena

    Hello Mr. Dandy,

    I am in love with your blog and your reviews. I would like to suggest
    Veneta Bottega & Vintage Bandit by Robert Piguet. Two of my favorite leather fragrances. I wear one when I am naughty and the other when I am nice. I look forward to your future posts…

    • Dear TeenaLeena
      Now that is a name to be conjured with!
      Welcome to The Dandy’s… now do make yourself at home, won’t you!
      Great minds think alike as regards your suggestions…. Bottega Veneta has already reached the top of The Hit Parade and a review will be with us fairly soon…
      I tested vintage Bandit as part of my review that is in the back catalogue. It is a fuller and I would say slightly brisker affair than the re-imagining, but overall I think my comments would be largely the same.
      Perhaps you think them more radically different? Do let me know and I will look again at re-entering the vintage into the ballot.
      Most lovely to make your acquaintance – I do hope we’ll speak again soon!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  34. I vote for Parfums de Nicolai MAHARADJAH !!!!

    Humbly recommend testing for:
    Fourreau de Soir Shalimar by Guerlain
    Fendi by Fendi
    Halston Classic by Halston
    Le Dix by Balenciaga
    Theo Fennell by Theo Fennell
    Bleu de Chine by Marc de la Morandiere
    Jasmin White Moss Private Collection by Estee Lauder

    Looking forward to more Perfumed Dandy delights!!!!

  35. Trump Smith

    Recommend Cuir de Nacre!

    • Dear Trump
      Such a pleasure to welcome you to The Dandy’s salon, I do hope you”ll call again.
      The Dandy loves a good leather and iris and… oh, I say.
      Now that has made The Dandy’s day, you are a most welcome new visitor.
      Thank you stranger.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  36. mitsouko19

    My suggestion is Montaigne, of Caron. They say that it is an authentic modern vintage and I would like to know your opinion.

  37. I have a new suggestion – Clinique’s, Elixir.
    I look forward to your review.

  38. Apologies…Mr. Dandy…I left my request in the wrong place so here it is-Calyx by Prescriptives (original not the reformulation)
    Nocturnes de Caron (ditto as above)
    Nikki de Saint Phalle
    Grey Flannel

    Loves from my very distant past!
    thank you, kind sir!

  39. Funnyboy

    Hello Dandy,
    Here are a couple for you to try if you can find them.
    This one has been repackaged but I am not sure if it has been reformulated from the famous house of Avon,the fascinating and long lasting “Timeless”.
    Also a vintage classic ,which may still be available somewhere?, “Ecusson” by Jean D’Albret.To my nose this was the Chanel no 5 equivalent of it’s day but nicer and more refined.
    Hope You are doing well.

  40. Lilybelle

    Recommending further Balmain sampling: Miss Balmain and Vent Vert.

  41. Funnyboy

    Hello Dandy,
    May I add to my recent suggestions a few more for you:-
    Antilope by Weil edp
    La Mome by Balmain
    Byzance by Rochas.

    Happy perfume hunting,

  42. Dear Dandy,
    Pink Sugar Aquolina ,why men like this scent?
    yours ever

  43. Lilybelle

    Dearest Dandy,
    I would like to propose Tabu – vintage, of course. I realize your dance card is crammed beyond capacity, but if/when you have the inclination I’d love to hear the story she has to tell you. I know she has more than a few.

    • Ahhh Lilybelle
      You may have noticed that occasionally reviews are labelled ‘Clasic Collection’, this means they come from a secret store I have of scribblings I made on the recommendation of fragranced frieds over on some of the forums before the blog started.. Tabu was one of the them….
      I will go dig it out the archives, dust it down and who knows it could be with us sooner than you might think!!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  44. Trauerkraut

    Dear Dandy,

    I would propose an intense former love of mine: ‘Le Dix’ by Balenciaga.
    I am sure this beauty will suit you perfectly!


    • Dear Trauerkraut
      What a splendid moniker!!
      Ooops, forgetting my manners.. welcome to The Dandy’s!!!
      Do make yourself at home.
      Yes, “le dix”, yours adds to a few voices calling for this and it is nearing ‘The Hit Parade’ as we speak… I’m sure I’ll have a devil of a job finding it when it reaches the top.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  45. funnyboy

    I promise I will leave no more suggestions for a time but you know me….Just another 3 for your never ending list.I have personally tried them and would value your opinion.
    Maybe not too niche but I think fairly easy to source for a sample.
    These are;-
    Musk by Alyssa Ashley (edt or extreme)
    Jaipur by Boucheron and finally
    Diane by Diane von Furstenburg..

  46. Alice

    Patricia de Nicolai musc intense – not much coverage on the perfume boards, which is a pity for such an interesting house (actually any perfume by her would be fine)!
    best wishes
    (BTW loved the seaside photos!)

  47. Trauerkraut

    …well, here’s another former love of long ago, cheap but nice; ‘Je Reviens’ by Worth!

    • Dear Trauer Kraut
      Ah yes.. I remember it well (pun intended).
      I believe that the current(ish) “Couture” version is actually rather similar to the original.
      Logged and added to the ledger.
      Thank you kindly.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  48. batkitty

    My Dear Dandy,
    I dabbed on a bit of Patou Moment Supreme parfum this morning, and found myself wondering if it has made your suggestion list yet. A fantastic spicy lavender/amber that I think would be a gorgeous “masculine”!

  49. Lilybelle

    Mr. Dandy, has Chanel No 19 been requested yet? Surely it has been(?). I hope it will make it into a final line up at some point.

    • Dearest Lily
      Yes, there are reviews of No 19 EdT and EdP on their way, I think they will probably come as a pair and quite soon too I imagine. Then again I am off on my American Adventure very soon, which may through a spanner in the works…
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

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