An architect’s cocktail… Pink Vetiver by Jo Loves The Last of the Summer Scents

Architects surely are the most suave and self assured of artists.

In their uniform of rimless glasses, impeccably ironed white shirts and indigo jeans they are, any place, an understated yet indisputable presence.

Pink Vetiver by Jo Malone is the kind of perfume one can imagine the chicest, most sophisticated members of this blueprint elite deigning to wear.

If other vetivers are martinis: rough, ready, at times smoky and always all about the kick then this delicate, delectable scent is a Pink Gin & Tonic.

Sweet from the Plymouth Gin that has none of London’s dryness, gently spicy from the closely guarded secret stash of precious flavours and ever so slightly medicinal from the long fizzy tonic that gives it body.

Yes, Jo’s Vetiver is an elegant cocktail of the quaffing classes sipped serenely by an artist who works in soaring walls of plate glass and windows apparently suspended in air.




Juniper opens Jo Love’s Pink Vetiver, set off a little by cardamom in the classic gin combination but quickly yielding to a warmer sweet hay version of the note that gives the perfume its name.

There are peppercorns present, but both their hue and the judiciousness of their use mean that they never come to dominate.

Indeed, the subtle composition of this scent means that it is best appreciated as a whole rather than for its constituent parts, just as a building is more than stairways and doorways, architraves and parapets.

The feeling of this fragrance is of the finest suede.

I don’t mean that there is a particularly pronounced hide note, rather that the sensation, the experience of the scent is that of the back of one’s hand brushing gently against napped leather.

Though the moment may be both sublime and fleeting it is in its precise softness quite unforgettable. Perhaps one thinks, these are the beautiful suede brogues, in a male or female style that complete our cocktail sipping architect’s ensemble… Gosh.

One should have explained at the outset.

It’s a ‘Bank Holiday Weekend’ here in London, our quaint way of saying two days off the daily grind made three by dint of a public holiday.

Traditionally, August’s fete is seen as the end of Summer proper, indeed, Scottish children are already back at school, theirs long vacations over for another year.

If we have heat in September, then that will be an ‘Indian Summer’, which is an entirely different thing altogether.

Oh dear, one does go on… the point…

By way of marking the turn of the seasons I thought I’d use this last week of the sweetest time of year to celebrate some scents that have got my attention… I do hope you’ve enjoyed this first one and  will appreciate the other picks over the days to come.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy. The Perfumed Dandy

Post Script

The Dandy received a sample of Pink Vetiver from Jo Loves and it is upon that sample which this review is based.


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14 responses to “An architect’s cocktail… Pink Vetiver by Jo Loves The Last of the Summer Scents

  1. Automonic

    Oh Dandy, it can’t be the end of the summer already…
    Cardamom is certainly a note I would not like to be presented with in the height of a heatwave, but now we are reaching September I might just have to go out and explore the world of Jo Loves.
    Thank you for introducing me to this new brand.

    • Dear Automonic
      Welcome to The Dandy’s… do make yourself at home! I hope we’ll see you here often.
      Yes, my friend, judging from today’s grey skies Summer could be at an end, though who knows.
      Cardamom, like most spices, can suit the heat, though it can be a little heady at times…
      As for the remainder of the Jo Loves range: explore away! I’m sure there’ll be plenty there to divert you.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I’ve got to smell this one only on paper (I still find it a strange idea to send a scented blotter in the mail to “test” a new perfume but well…) and it was nice – as are most of the perfumes from this new line. Unfortunately, they aren’t available anywhere in the U.S. and, at the sametime, these aren’t perfumes for which one would be looking for a scent mule. But maybe one day…

    • Dearest U
      What a strange notion!?!
      One understands those ‘preserved testing strips’ that one seal in magazines, but someone actually sent you a blotter in the post?
      How very odd.
      A Jo Loves shop opens here in London later in the year, and I believe wider distribution, perhaps they will reach the U.S. without the aid of mules after all…
      There are some other rather lovely scents in the selection, odd as it may be for me to say this (for I am not necessarily a fruit in perfume fellow) but both pomelo and mango are quite magical.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • That “someone” actually worked for Jo Loves. When they announced this new fragrance there was an option to request a sample. I did. And that was what I’ve got 🙂
        I tried the first four of their perfumes and liked Gardenia a lot (but not enough to jump through the whoops of getting it from London).
        I hope Jo Loves reaches the U.S. soon: I like mango note and would love to be able to test those three from the collection.

      • Dearest U
        Oh, I say.. how, well… ‘”silly”.
        If you’re one for a mango note then I have a feeling you’d very much like the trilogy in question.
        I wonder if there might be ways of getting proper samples once the new store opens and distribution increases.
        To be fair to Jo Loves, there are rather draconian regulations in place concerning the shipment of scent at the moment, so maybe they are merely the victims of never ending ‘heightened security’.
        Hopefully the fruit will make it through eventually.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Dear Mr Dandy

    Jo Loves kindly sent me some samples and this was one of them. I love your review- and the photo of the shoes! However, Vetiver does not agree with me and always reminds me of stubbly chins. Just a little rough for my delicate constitution. Pink Vetiver is done well, but this asthmatic can never fully enjoy it. Your comparison to gin is spot on.

    I’m interested to see what you make of other Jo Loves scents. I love a classic, but I also like the news.

    Your friend

    • Dearest Iscent
      Thank you for reminding The Dandy that Jo Loves were also kind enough to send me some samples… a fact I have now added to the review.
      I fear that you really are not made for vetiver if even this cashmere soft rendition is too much. Too bad.
      Though never mind for there is a world of fine fragrance that you can tolerate, indeed celebrate!
      Yes, more from Jo Loves in the future, as a few took my fancy.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Young man, you make my mouth water with the mere suggestion of pink gin and tonic on this one of our rare warm August days in the city by the bay. And on top of that my skin is all a tingle at your discription of Pink Vetiver. Jo may love it but I fear I shall be in a passion over it…it sounds so divine.
    Oh and then my favorite building in Manhattan, the Segrams Building…a star player in The Best of Everything (1959) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s ( a cameo role) you have made my Saturday perfect.

    • Dearest Lanier
      Oh yes, I can certainly see you in Pink Vetiver, especially in that late summer Californian heat (though isn’t it technically post summer for you?)…
      And I’m so pleased that you identified the Seagram’s Building, a favourite of mine too… and so appropriate as former headquarters of the former distiller!
      I never knew it was in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ though…
      One lives and learns.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  5. we adore samples.

    there’s on in the car from Chanel (“31 Rue Cambon” – but we’ve been to that exact location and it doesn’t smell a bit like a Parisian street 😉

    love the Pink.

    and admire Jo Malone.

  6. You had me at “architraves”.

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