A Delightful New Arrival and………. The Perfumed Uncle’s Dilemma

Dearest Alls

The Dandy is very excited today, for a winged visitor (so we like to imagine) has delivered into the arms of my dearest youngest brother and his lovely wife my first niece.

Yes, I am an uncle!

Haha… not the man from UNCLE!

Now, obviously wishing to do the right thing, my thoughts turned immediately to the idea of a present of perfume!

Baby colognes seem to divide for some strange reason: so many people think it wrong to ‘subject’ the little darlings to fragrance so young. Yet their lives are a maelstrom of products that would make the average catwalk model feel as though she went out onto the runway au naturelle… as such I see no reason to stint on the scent.

Therefore I’ve come up with the short list of six light and airy aromas, perfect for mothers, babies (and enlightened) papas below…

A cumulonimbus of true lavender with a little antiseptic sharpness from violet leaf and soft edges shaped in iris laden baby powder.

Almonds and their analogue, vanilla too. For the sweetest little thing.

Her head’s around the size of a small grapefruit right now (though thankfully not the colour, no jaundice). So I see no reason why she shouldn’t smell of the fruit with a little rose lingering thereabouts.

No fruit is more symbolic of fecundity than the fig, nothing more the product of fertility than the babe in arms. So no scent better under the circumstances, no?

Also I re-discovered this little jammy gem just the other day and have been wondering how to recommend it!

They don’t allow real flowers on hospital wards these days… so I thought a few bottled fresias might by uplifting for all.

So soon after the Epiphany I couldn’t the idea of taking in such a precious gift.

Not that The Dandy‘s saying he’s a wise man, indeed, anything but… the very idea!

I plan on being a distinctly eccentric, indulgent and thoroughly impractical uncle.

To business, which do you think would suit best or perhaps you’ve an idea of your own to share!?!

Yours ever

The Perfumed Uncle.

The Perfumed Dandy


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30 responses to “A Delightful New Arrival and………. The Perfumed Uncle’s Dilemma

  1. Aww Congratulations!

    She will never lack for quality fragrance advice, I’m certain of that 😉

  2. Lilybelle

    How wonderful!! Congratulations, Mr. Dandy! She’ll be the most spoiled and fragrant little niece ever born. I’m so happy for you. I have no idea which scent would be appropriate, but I would go with something very gentle and powdery soft. Perhaps the heliotrope/almondy one? I’m thrilled for you. 🙂 xo

  3. Marco Chau

    What a delightful news to share, Mr. Dandy! I believe and agree that your choices are all perfect and will be well appreciated. As a devoted Guerlain lover, I cannot resist not to suggest an additional option by Guerlain, Petit Guerlain, for the new comer and both her parents. I truly believe the baby sweet powdery scent of this fragrance will bring a lot of joy to everyone in your family.

  4. Congratulations dear Dandy. You are lucky (my younger sister and brother are still to reproduce). I wince at the thought of the Lavande Velours, though: the poor little mite would be gassed.

    The delicate Heliotrope, I beg you: just a dab on the nappy.

  5. Dearest Ginza
    Thank you… I was thinking of you when I included the rather forceful Lavande Velours! Is this the one that you cannot bear but that suits Duncan rather well?
    It’s pungent to be true, but then babies (without going into too much detail) can be too!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. The lucky devil! To have you as a doting, devoted, spoiling uncle, she’s blessed. I’m so happy for you, my dear Beau, and grinned away at the thought of Uncle Dandy bearing Uncle Serge’s myrrh like one of the wise men. Actually, it makes me laugh out loud, quite literally.

    I wish I lived near you. You must be an utter blast to hang out with, even if one isn’t related to you. That lucky little girl! Congratulations again, my dear.

    • Dearest Kafka
      You’re too kind.
      Now you have placed in my mind the idea of arriving for my first visit dressed – school nativity play like – as one of the wise men.
      Though which should I be Casper, Balthazar or Melchior?
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Congrats! I can imagine how amused and delighted you shall be holding your first niece in your arms.

  8. SallyM

    A new baby! Congratulations to the proud parents and even prouder uncle! I like the idea of Petit Guerlain too, although the Heliotrope Blanc sounds perfect.

  9. Congratulations! A new baby is joyful news! As a mother myself, I can say that room scents would be very welcome at this happy, nappy time. However, if you were a shop, I would order everything on your list right now. Special delivery to IScent Manor, Wales, UK. Send the bill to Mr IScent.

    What a lucky baby to have access to Uncle Dandy’s collection!

    Incidentally scent for babies and children is very big on the continent. I noticed both Sephora and Yves Rocher do ranges for that demographic.

    Your friend

    • Dearest Iscent
      Oh yes, our continental cousins specialise in bebe cologne, it’s huge in Latin America and practically mandatory in Turkey!
      For many years my mater herself wore a Spanish infant fragrance, quite a complex and grown up citrus aromatic, when baking.
      Room scents though, now that’s an idea… I can imagine their utility nay necessity!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  10. rosestrang

    Many congratulations Sir Dandy, what lovely news! You’ll be a wonderfully eccentric yet kindly uncle I’ve no doubt! I bet you’ll really enjoy being an uncle and there’s no doubt your niece will be the most beautifully fragranced baby on the planet!

    The only other perfume I can think of is Bulgari’s Petits et Mamans, apparently is has notes of calming chamomile, iris and vanilla, sounds very nice, I might try it sometime soon..

    • Dearest Rose
      Thank you for the kind wishes… yes indeedy chamomile, iris and vanilla sound very soothing.
      I wonder if it would work as a tea… can one drink iris, I might have heard somewhere that it’s vaguely toxic.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  11. rosestrang

    Actually it occurs to me that the natural alternative (should there be any concern over chemicals) would be drops of lavender and chamomile in a light oil or water spray bottle. Both of those are not harmful to skin, though I’d double check that with an expert.
    I imagine they have things like that already made in places like Holland and Barratt. I really like water-based mists with various essential oils, they’re quite refreshing and prevent the air becoming dry with all the central heating in winter

    • Dearest Rose
      I’m a very big fan of the water based mist and have been known to make one up myself in the summer for general refreshment of the home (they’re a wonder when kept in the fridge).
      Who knew there would be so many perfumed possibilities for one so young!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  12. Lucky lovely little soul to have you for an uncle, and congratulations to Mom and Dad. I’m all for jammy gems and freesia 😉 .

  13. Cheryl

    Dearest Dandy,
    What a fortunate little girl! Congratulations to you and to baby, for
    such a clever choice in uncle!
    With love,

  14. Alice

    Congratulations! You are going to be the best uncle ever!

  15. Mr. Dandy congratulations to you and your family on this blessed occasion. I have no doubt that you will be your niece’s perfumed fairy godfather from this point forward!!

  16. Congratulations! Yes, it’s your job to dote and spoil. My children know that the rules are bent when my dear brother is around – their beloved uncle. I can also see L’eau d’Hiver for a new mama.

    • Dearest Annina
      Haha, yes I can see myself being the rule bending uncle too!
      I’ve already given mama a large bottle of Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia as it reminds here of suntan cream she says, so she can imagine herself on holidays somewhere hot when tending to nappies and 3am feeds.
      But L’Eau d’Hiver, now that’s a thought…
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • What a lovely gift! As a mama myself, I can think if nothing better than perfume to remind me that I’m still a lady and not just a mother – knee deep in nursing and nappies!

  17. I’m a little late, but congratulations, my dear Dandy! I hope everybody involved are healthy and happy. And willstay in that state for a long while.

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