What should The Perfumed Dandy do on his Great American Adventure?

Dearests (& very welcome Bright New Things)

By the time you read these lines The Perfumed Dandy will have departed Across The Pond to the United States of America.

Of course, if I had my way we’d be going by liner, but, I fear (on this occasion at least) time and tide seem to be against me.

So after a shortish interlude aboard a giant winged aluminium tube I shall be on American Soil.

My travels encompass Four Cities and A Wedding

Washington DC, New York (where my dear brother will wed), Charleston (South Carolina) and Miami.

Now, the thing is, I will of course be plenty occupied the whole time, but The Perfumed Dandy is always open to suggestions… especially of the scented kind.

So, I wondered whether you, my dear friends, might be kind enough to recommend (as you so generously do each day) some great American fragrances for me to try whilst I’m on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

In particular I’d be interested to hear about smaller American houses and niche producers.

Perhaps some scents that never make it to my part of The World.

Oh and any picks of prettier-than-pink perfume stores you feel I should visit would be most welcome too.

By the way, don’t feel constrained to stick to scent, any special places or stores you feel I must pay homage to, please do jot them down!!

Whenever the technology, or at least my knowledge of it, allows (do remember I am more a gentleman of The Eighteenth Century than The Internet Age) I will be checking in to take a peek and my lead from you as to where I might find the finest fumes and fun in The New World.

Who knows, now and again I may even be able to pop up a picture of my adventures and scribble down a few bon mots to boot!!!

Well, The Dandy thinks that’s just about all for now…

Except to say thank you ever so much in advance for any and all your kind considerations.

See you all when I return to Blighty not too long after the 15th of June in The Year of Our Lord 2013!!!

Pip Pip!!!!!

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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28 responses to “What should The Perfumed Dandy do on his Great American Adventure?

  1. Dandy, did not know about your trip!

    Bond 9 NY is a must if you go there. On Neiman Marcus store, is the only point where to get Pure Mariposa by Ramón Monegal. Marc Jacobs new honey scent, maybe the new by Estée Lauder, and now I cant think in any more fragances to test/buy.

    Take pics please, behave as always, have fun, and Bon Voyage, Mon ami!
    Blessings, Silvia🎀

  2. Dear Dandy,
    I heard your plea for American artisanal perfume and thought you might be interested in looking up the Left Coast. Lucky for you, there’s a handy dandy group of fine perfumers who will be presenting their work on June 22 in an LA based event called FRAGments. This link is for your eyes only. Feel free to eliminate!! http://www.frag-ments.com
    Have a wonderful time! Maggie

  3. Margaret

    There is no good fragrance place in Washington (I live here and live vicariously through you) but you muuuust visit the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown! You can at least smell flowers there.

    • Dearest Margaret
      I must commiserate with you on your lack of a fine fragrance store in the Capital, but I did fine the National Botanical Garden to be an unexpected scented treat on The National Mall… and there are some very perfumed pictures on display at The National Gallery.
      Some snaps from both with scented suggestions to follow this week.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  4. have fun on your US journey

  5. Frank Los Angeles is one of my favorite American Niche lines. Then there is Kerosene Fragrances (both can be found at Min in NYC) Arquiste is fabulous and you will love the stories that go with them. Imaginary Authors, Yosh, Ineke (both San Francisco perfumers) Opus Oils, That is all I can think of at the moment. Have fun!!

    • Deares Lanier
      Your suggestions – as ever – were absolutely perfect.
      Though I was only able to fly by, Min is exquisite as are Arquiste’s compositions, which fortunately I find have arrived at Liberty’s here.
      The stories that you have penned on this line’s scents are truly a wonder too.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  6. Dear Mr Dandy

    I can’t match what the amazing expert posters above have said. But i would love to see you review an old drugstore classic, so maybe you could find something inexpensive and kitsch in a common or garden drugstore? Also, please eat a Cinnabun on my behalf since they don’t have them in the UK yet and I declare them the most perfect breakfast food.

    Bon voyage and Godspeed my fragrant friend. I shall miss your keen wit and uniquely vivid outpourings.


    • Dearest Iscent
      Never a gent to disappoint, I found myself in one of America’s oldest drugstores and tried some smells that whilst not out and out cheappies were wonderful aromas!
      More to report as the week goes by.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Enjoy your trip, sir! Charleston is one of my favourite cities. And of course New York City is always a good place to visit.

  8. 9 Christopher St. New York, NY

    • Dear Jordan
      Thank you so much for the suggestion… this was one I was desperate to get to, but the only time I was within striking distance it was closed.
      Another time I hope… and there’s always the internet!!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  9. Tomate Farcie

    Tommy Girl a great summer fragrance! C.O. Bigelow scents are really underrated, visit their store 414 6th Ave, Greenwich Village, Bon voyage!

  10. brie

    why did I not get this post in my e-mail! You will be in my neck of the woods? what fun you will have! agreed with Tomate farcie on Bigelow….an amazing store that I have visited several times….safe travels!

    • Dearest Brie
      I arrived home to find the most wonderful owl-embellished surprise!!
      Thank you so much, I adore the balm and the samples are simply so generous… I will be writing about some in the future and my admiration for American perfumery is so much enhanced!
      Yours ever with thanks
      The Perfumed Dandy

  11. brie

    Oh and yes to Ineke as well and Sonoma scent studio and bond no 9…(okay, stop me now!)

  12. rosestrang

    What would be really exciting is if you commissioned a scent from CB I hate Perfume! What would it be? The uplifting scent of Ocean Liner?! I know CB (based in New York) do customised fragrances, apart from that the only other niche American perfume company I can think of (think she is in California though) is Sonoma Scent Studios.
    Got a few cousins in Carolina, very chilled out folks! Have a fabulous trip Sir T.P.D. – hope the wedding is sublime, and much luck to the happy couple!

    • Dearest Rose
      Now wouldn’t that be the most fantastic thing, to commission a scent that carried the excitement of Ocean going travel in the way that Caron’s En Avion did for the early years of aeronautics!!
      Carolinians it must be said are indeed a very relaxed lot, very much not to be rushed…. both qualities I admire.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  13. Dearest M. Dandy,

    I’m not sure if I am too late to the party, but if you haven’t made it to New York yet, I would recommend Aedes de Venustas, C.O. Bigelow’s, MiN, and Osswald’s downtown.

    I would also recommend paying someone on craigslist to stand in line outside of Dominique Ansel starting at 5am to procure you NYC’s hottest gastronomic marvel: the Cronut (half crossaint, half donut, 100% filled with cream).

    Bon voyage and looking forward to hearing your travels!

    • Dearest Bacon
      MiN, Bigelow’s and Aedes were all visiting and adored by this Dandy, though sadly no time to catch Osswald’s too.
      Equally, though I was able to sample some fascinating American culinary delights on my visit (lamb chops served as canapes?) I missed out on the Cronut!!!
      Thank heavens I have plenty of tomorrow’s ahead of me!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

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