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Magnificently out of tune… Arpege by Lanvin The Perfumed Dandy’s Scented Letter 

Dearest Fragrant Friends

Taking a breather today before the home straight of our little “Fete de Caron”, I have been reading a pair of outstanding reviews by The Black Narcissus (one of my most preferred perfume writers) of two of my favourite perfumes: Caleche by Hermes and Arpege by Lanvin.

It occurred to me that while Narcisse Noir identifies the fragrance with the mother shown on it’s fabulous flacon, I have always thought of Arpege as being like a wilful child, demanding and diverting, on the cusp of maturity.

Then I remembered that, just as I was setting up home here, I penned a review of Arpege which the delightful Mr Lanier posted on his splendid Scentsmemory site by way of a housewarming celebration.

20th Century Presents LANIER2

So, I thought that I would share this early effort of mine with you and also hail two of the finest fellows in the whole of aromatic letters.

Therefore The Dandy presents his own review of Arpege by Lanvin…

… and salutes Messrs Lanier and Black Narcissus.

Do enjoy!

More Caron to come…

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

Post script…

It just occurred that you might also be interested in The Dandy’s review of Caleche by Hermes and this interview with Mr Lanier I posted some time ago. 

Also, I should clarify that though I thought the version of Arpege I was trying was ‘contemporary’, in fact being just a few years old it had escaped the ravages of the most recent reformulation.

That’s all. Promise…

Pip pip. 

The Perfumed Dandy


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