The Perfumed Dandy’s Classic Collection: Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez

Happy New Year once again! If you’re clearing up after a party today, this sumptuous slice of sheer sacrilegious decdence shows the way. Don it an be damned says I!

The Perfumed Dandy.


The floor of the Hall of Mirrors is filled with fractured glass.

Marie Antoinette skips gaily across the shards in untied ballet shoes and bonnet atop her seventy two inch face: six feet from chin at base through powdered visage and scaffolded hair above.

The queen and women of her toilette encased in immense dresses a la Polonaise are costumier conjurers’ sleights of hand in damasks, plain silks, laces, bustles, embroiders, and petticoats, petticoats, petticoats.

They have come to disdain the deliberately deranged destruction of the night before. To review the revels and not speak of revolution.

Around them a haze of powder hangs in heavy air. They beg to deceive with orange blossoms, roses, jasmines and musk. But the nose cannot be fooled.

Despite their perfumed protests this place is menagerie not orangery.

Their very gowns give them away: nothing can counterfeit the crust of human excreta…

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6 responses to “The Perfumed Dandy’s Classic Collection: Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez

  1. To me, the edt ineration of Bal à Versailles is more raunchy smelling than the edc, edp, or extrait. The stink I smell is “dried horse droppings “and is very pronounced in the edt. The edc and extrait have a soft purr of raunch, but it so comforting and nice with a touch of sweetness, resin , sweaty leatherand woods/ spices. I must get to reviewing this myself as well. The extrait is my preferred concentration. So well blended and perfect in every way.

    • Dear DK
      What a comprehensive overview of BaV!
      I agree that the EdT is certainly a lot more animalic than the EdC, though it’s not a fecal odour I get, rather that of the animal itself. Though, of course, with wild animals one is much the same as the other a lot of the time!
      I don’t believe I’ve tried the EdP, though I sincerely hope that this one day will be mine.. and the Extrait? The stuff of dreams, I’ve no wonder it’s your preferred concentration.
      Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your intimate knowledge of this intimate of scents.
      A very Happy New Year to you!¬
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. DIVINE!

    and we don’t mean leigh bowery.

  3. Perfume Choice for the big night. Or was that for the big day? Happy Everyday to you Mr Dandy for 2014 and beyond.

  4. Dear Mr Dandy

    I thought I had already commenetdd on this one but apparebntly not, for shich, my apologies. This is a real corker of a perfume and all your descriptions are so apt for what smells like a glamorous lack of hygience. The perfect scent for the walk of shame!

    Great review, a story beautifully told, with a raunchy wink.

    Your friend


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