The accidental… L’Anarchiste by Caron The Perfumed Dandy’s Sunday (Evening) Scent 

Dear Friends

Sometimes the world sheds a new light on a scent in the most unexpected way.

The Dandy has often wondered why Caron’s elegant and effervescent L’Anarchiste simply doesn’t fit its name and what it might be better called.

It’s an highly unusual but definite delight combining mint with orange flower and cinnamon in an opening accord that smells like spicy apple pie with freshly-brushed-teeth breath.

Gradually, the pleasantly unhinged opening gives way to a slightly more conventional and marginally more ‘traditionally’ manly heart where a vetiver made soprano by enduring menthol, melds gradually into woodiness and dusty, spicy musk.

Over all the effect is engaging, witty and ever so slightly off the wall.


So it happened today that one was watching cricket at The Oval, in the bright sunshine, with friends and picnic in tow.

And it occurred to The Dandy what a wonderfully odd sport it was where spectators applaud the opposition almost as much as their own team, matches can last between a day and five and everything stops for lunch and afternoon tea.

Then it was that the word came to mind, the same one to sum up Caron’s nifty, not-quite-the-expected scent for men (really for anyone) and the game of cricket…


And we all know how the British love an eccentric.

So that is what I will be calling this lovely spray from now on…

Especially when I’m wearing it to a match where willow bats hit heavy balls above and across verdant grass lawns and popping champagne corks, cocktails and Darjeeling tea and apple cake are never too far away.

Here’s to a good game of a week.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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11 responses to “The accidental… L’Anarchiste by Caron The Perfumed Dandy’s Sunday (Evening) Scent 

  1. Lilybelle

    I just lost my comment (my fault) but I’ll try to repeat it: I have visions of another century, Mr. D. I don’t know cricket but it must be the most civilized of sports if they stop for lunch and tea and matches can last for days. I love that. “Eccentric” is what we love about the British. Even before you got to the “E” word, I though to myself that L’Anarchiste seems like an eccentric scent, or one for an Eccentric. I approve.

    • Dearest Lilly
      Oh yes Lily ‘cricket’ is indeed the most civilised of sports (when properly played).
      At the moment we are in the midst of ‘The Ashes’ the name given to series of games (“Tests”) between England (&Wales) and Australia.
      Each of the five games lasts five days (unless either team wins first) and the prize is a replica of a tiny urn containing the ashes of the wickets used in the match in which Australia first beat England, which were ceremonially burnt to signify ‘the death of English cricket’.
      And the lunch and tea thing… it’s absolutely true, play stops for both each day.
      And for Tests (the long matches) just as at Wimbledon, everyone wears white.
      So yes, ‘Eccentric’ that’s the word, and the scent sums up the attitude and a certain facet of the game perfectly.
      Oh and one last thing…. you’re not even required to pay that much attention to the game as it goes on so long, picnicking and chatting are positively encouraged!
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  2. George Kaplan

    Dear Dandy,
    You make watching a game of cricket seem almost interesting to me, an incredible achievement! I don’t even you could do that for soccer or (american) football tho’. “Engaging, witty, and ever-so-slightly off the wall”, add charming, intelligent and attractive, and that’s how I’d like to be! Sadly, I believe have to settle for boring, rude, and scabrous 🙂
    Eccentric, I like that term, veddy ENGLISH with its suggestions of individuality, idiosyncrasy, and pleasantly surprisingly *strange*.
    Your writings on scent made me ponder names for fictional perfumes (talk about eccentric), I came up with Will O’ the Wisp, Hullaballo, Sylph, and Maitre d’! I wonder what those would smell like? To ask a peculiar question, what would your OWN personal perfume smell of? What would you prefer the effect to be? Obviously we’d name it Dandy! In honour of the wonderful Ms Vickie’s Beguiling Hollywood there could be a fascinating and beautiful parfum called Beguiling, (tho’ I suppose the name’s been used). 😉 Forgive me my inane blatherings, good sir!
    May I thank you for your several kind comments over at Beguiling they mean a lot as do all the others.
    Sincerely, George the Not-at-All-Eccentric

    • Dearest Charming George
      How lovely to see you hear at The Dandy’s!
      Oh no… I wouldn’t dream of even attempting to make ‘soccer’ sound interesting, as far as I’m concerned it isn’t.
      And I’m afraid I’ve never really understood ‘American Football’ as anything other than Rugby in super-hero fancy dress!
      Now I do like your suggested perfume names, Will O’ the Whisp was a rather good children’s television programme when I was a child, so that would probably make me goggle to much. Hullabaloo I can;t believe has not been done, but sylph, yes and Maitre d’… now that has definite potential. I see that as candle smoke, with dusty musk redolent of old red velvet curtains, maybe a little clove and perhaps a deep narcisuss.
      But I fantasise!
      I’ve often dreamt of my own personal perfume, as one dreams of winning a lottery, or inheriting a Grand Duchy, it would have leather in it. That is all at present I think I know…
      I just checked and as of yet – once more bizarrely – there is no ‘Beguiling’ so a scent for the estimable Miss Lester would seem to be in order!
      Talking of which, any comments I’ve made, especially regarding your excellent short fiction over at Too Beguiling have been most heartily meant and I can recommend anyone interested in movies and new writing to take peek without reservation.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      • George Kaplan

        Dear Dandy,
        Thanks for that marvellous reply. I must apologize for the Typo Fest I seemed to have indulged myself in, “don’t” instead of”DOUBT” being particularly egregious, how cringe-makingly clumsy, I plead a “Brain Freeze”. I am glad you understood what I was *attempting* to say! My last sentence was also so badly cast, it should probably read “thank you for your kind comments over at Beguiling, they mean a lot to me as do those of every respondent…”, as you may perceive I am abysmally anally retentive!
        I too recall Will O’ the Wisp, Kenneth Williams as narrator. Nostalgia. I do like your notions for the hypothetical Maitre d’, excellent. Oh, yes, a scent for the incomparable Miss Lester would be a fine thing!
        Once again, thank you for your reply and your lovely comments. It was a pleasure to visit here. 🙂 Vickie weaves a divine spell at Beguiling to summon the likes of your good self.
        Warm regards, George

      • Dearest George
        Fear not about typos…let’s not forget that neither Chaucer nor Shakespeare would really have understood what was even meant by standard spelling, and probably cared much less.
        Maitre d’ is an interesting one, for even though it would make a wonderful name, I can’t imagine any mainstream house would even countenance it as it isn’t sufficiently ‘aspirant’ for male perfume or ‘glamorous’ enough ‘female fragrance’.
        Oh for the days when a scent was named ‘Bandit’ for the hell of it!
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Divine.

    So evocative of the homeland.

    The only problem, dear Dandy, was always that bottle, which I couldn’t even bear to keep at the back of the drawer…

    • Dearest Ginza
      So pleased you seem to be on the road to recovery!
      Yes, that flacon!
      It does seem odd, especially when the other ‘male’ scents are housed in their handsome deco styled glassware.
      Apparently it’s meant to look like a petrol canister… presumably from which to syphon off some combustible liquid to make a molotov cocktail,
      Whatever the think its a piece of product design that fails to set me alight too.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

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