The Perfumed Dandy’s holiday scent: Mystere by Rochas

“‘The time has come’ the Walrus said  ‘to talk of other things….'”

Well My Dearests,

The moment has arrived….

This is the final Scent of The Day for The Perfumed Dandy until after his American Adventure.

Indeed, this has ultimately proved to be such a popular choice that it has made its way into The Dandy‘s  personal effects effects and will be accompanying him to The United States.

The Hit Parade, like my good self, is having something of a break and returns on Wednesday 12th June 2013.

On my travels I  shall rely on good fortune, my old favourites and, of course, the new friends I make en route to keep me fragrant.

Why not take the chance while I’m away to thrust forward some fragrances for future fame on The Hit Parade simply visit ‘Suggest an old scent or recommend a new one’ and leave your mark there.

Have an especially fragrant fortnight or so.

Yours ever

The Perfumed Dandy.

The Perfumed Dandy


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10 responses to “The Perfumed Dandy’s holiday scent: Mystere by Rochas

  1. Miss Misty

    Bon voyage Mr. Dandy!
    Have a good time and enjoy your holiday 🙂

  2. Have a lovely holiday, sir, and stay safe! Looking forward to posts and piccies of your adventures! *waves silk handkerchief* 😀

  3. Lilybelle

    Hooray! Mystere at last. Safe travels, Mr. Dandy. I’m looking forward to reading all about the shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings in Mystere when you return. I hope you have a lovely time. We’ll miss you!

  4. Alice

    Have a wonderful time! You have put so much energy and enthusiasm into this blog over the last few weeks (to such enjoyable effect) that you truly have earned a break!

  5. Have a wonderful time. I know the stories shall be ripe on your return….x

  6. Lilybelle

    In Charleston, check out the old market (on Market Street). Buy a sweetgrass basket from one of the Gullah women who make them. I have a small one with a lid that I treasure. I keep perfume samples in mine. Walk along the Battery (waterfront). I haven’t visited Charleston in a long time, but we really enjoyed the Peninsula Grill. Charleston is a foodie city – and beautiful to walk. There are beaches near Charleston, too, if you’re interested. It should be hot enough this time of year. I don’t know of any local perfumeries there. I guarantee you will be charmed by Charleston.

    • Dearest Lilly
      Such sage advice as always… I loved the market and picked up some of the best scented soaps I’ve ever come across when there.
      As you can imagine a nicely green hyacinth soap was just precisely my kind of thing!!
      The city itself is immaculately beautiful, though swelteringly humid at this time of year.
      No beaches, though The Dandy did make it out to a former plantation, a definitely bittersweet experience.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  7. Lilybelle

    And naturally, I left my comment in the wrong section! ^^^

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