From London… The Perfumed Dandy bids you ‘Welcome and Happy Saint Valentine’s Day’

In the small hours of this St Valentine’s Morning from the The Old Smoke, our ancient city on the Thames, The Perfumed Dandy extends his love to you and bids you welcome to this, the story of his journey to the precious places of women’s perfume.

His evening toilette completed and all domestic duties duly dealt with, he is about to retire, but before he does so he offers you a glimpse of the pleasures that await us on this the first St Valentine’s Day in our delightful company…

And what better way to start the day than with a trip to the City of Light, to gai Paris… for a story of The Perfume Dandy‘s own ‘Un Premier Amour’, the first of the The Perfumed Dandy’s Scented Letters will arrive as all gentlemen of quality in the French capital complete their levee and are ready to embark upon their day.

Once this magical tale of our gentleman’s first encounter with feminine fragrance has been dispatched, we are free to go our own ways for a few hours to explore the cobbled rues, the quais and even the Monsiuer Eiffel’s Tour if so we please.

But mind that we’re all gathered back together in time to rendez-vous with our cousins across the Pond, for we will be meeting them mid morning (their time) for a cafe au lait and to present them with A Baker’s Dozen Red Roses for the Unlucky in Love. Or alternatively the all too lucky in lust.

This very lovely list comprises gifts for any lady or gentleman of quality – such as The Perfumed Dandy knows you all to be – to happily console yourselves with should the trinkets others have showered upon you fail to satisfy.

For if a Dandy doesn’t love himself who will love a Dandy?

As dusk descends on London Town, those not in receipt of evening invitations can turn their thoughts to the future, pop a few corks of their own and take their pick from the first edition of The Perfumed Dandy’s Hit Parade.

In so doing you will be deciding where The Perfumed Dandy‘s adventures take him next, selecting no less than a scent for him to wear and then report to yourselves on the very same smell in due course.

As the fizz flattens out and the bubbles fade away so our first day with The Perfumed Dandy draws to its close.

Tired and, no doubt in some cases, a little emotional. We will find our way to our handsome berths and snuggle into sleep, happy with our day’s adventuring and ready for the off the very next dawn.

For come morning we hunt scent a new.

So welcome all and ‘Happy St Valentine’s Day’.

Thus our fragrant foray begins.

Your ever

The Perfumed Dandy. The Perfumed Dandy


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13 responses to “From London… The Perfumed Dandy bids you ‘Welcome and Happy Saint Valentine’s Day’

  1. My dear Mr. Dandy,
    What are doing up so early? When you refer to your home as The Old Smoke it makes see crowded row houses lit by gaslight and warmed by coal fires – gritty Victorians. You see, it’s almost my bedtime here in LA and your posts have the most dreamy quality…
    I am so looking forward to furthering my education in scent. Today I was marketing and I took a whiff of Palmolive dish soap (the original) because our mutual friend, Lanier Smith, told me it smelled like Chanel #5.
    As you can see, I have a lot to learn about perfume.
    Yours truly, and let me be the first to wish you happy Valentine’s,

    • Dear Ms Lester
      Why once again a most arduous St V’s to you!!
      I do indeed burn both ends of a smokey tallow candle hear in London Town and can be found both up early and late. ‘Tis the curse of a Dandy, though the afternoon nap is truly his blessing!! However, I must disappoint for the Dandy’s oied a terre is no hovel but a compact and bijou appartement in the French manner, not a patch on the country mansion though.
      And so to thing soap. The estimable Mr Lanier is quite correct. Palmolive was indeed a vague copy of No5, aping its use of aldehydes. As I believe did another bar beloved of the dowagers of the Dandy’s family, the charmingly named Cammay!
      If you have a lot to learn about perfume my dear I have a universe to absorb about Hollywood and by osmosis am taking it on board from your splendid site.
      Now, I must off a elevensees call. Macaroon or Garribaldi therein the question lies.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy.

      • I love that word, bijou!
        Okay, I’ll tell you what we used to call Garibaldi biscuits here – brace yourself – “squashed fly cookies” – it was a nickname, but nevertheless – is it any wonder they’ve disappeared from the market? When I get a craving now I order them from Amazon.
        Elevensees – now that does bring back school memories – little girls in tweed skirts and wooly socks and itchy jumpers toting around mugs of tea and nibbling on limp whole wheat bread spread with margarine.
        WHAT, my dear sir, is an aldehyde? Does it smell soapy?
        Inquiring minds want to know!

      • I adore bijou – though it has been rather cheapened by estate agents – those demons you call realtors? – to mean cramped. Which is a shame as a Dandy doesn’t like anything to cramp his style!!
        Now, poor S. Garibaldi – he united Italy for what? To have a biscuit named after him renamed in favour of sqwished insects. Oh History is a cruel mistress who makes fools of us all!!
        My elevenses were thoroughly lovely today – some homemade poppy seed cake and my current beverage of choice oolong orange blossom tea – as i keep mentioning, wouldn’t that make a lovely scent?!?
        Aldehyde, it does rather sound like Joan Collins long lost sister from Dynasty but is in fact a compound that was first in perfumes and then soap and so, strictly speaking its soaps that smell of perfume.
        If our friend Lucas were here he would tell us all about it. Lucas?
        I shall tip my at to the next busload of be-tweeded schoolgirls I see and think kindly of you Dearest Ms Lester.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

      • I love the scent of tea – oolong orange blossom? I want a bottle.
        Ever since my birthday I’ve been brewing up a pot of Dorchester blend tea in the afternoon (nice and strong!) and nibbling away at the five pound fruit cake I made (aged in St. Germain liqueur).
        Soap smells like perfume because of the aldehydes… Lucas, where are you? I’d much rather hear it from you than a Google robot!

      • My dearest Ms L
        The oolong orange blossom tea itself is a thing of beauty. Coming only loose leaf, it has pale dried flower heads amongst the dark oolong leaves. The taste is magical. I have a hunch that orange blossom may return as a note to women’s perfumery sometime soon. I’ve long admired Caron’s horrendously maligned Montaigne. To me it has an orange and animal opening that is quite divine though it, like the tea of which I speak, is gone too quickly.
        The tea – and dare I say it – the perfume would certainly sit well with a soaked fruit cake. My dear Ma has taken up sugar art in retirement which added to her substantial cake making abilities keeps us well stocked up on frosted, marzipanned and well-tended loaf all the year round.
        I think you would adore a television programme that we have here called the something along the lines of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ it’s a sort of national Women’s Institute competition where people enter their iced buns to be judged. We live in a different and much older world this side of the Pond!
        Tootle pip
        Yours ever
        The Social Dandy

  2. Let me chime in second after the lovely lady from Hollywood California, Miss Vickie Lester with my very own Happy Valentine’s Day wishes. But even more so best of luck with this wonderful new Blog! To borrow from Susan Hayward as dress designer rae Smith in “Back Street” your blog “Has style, line, simplicity. It says something.”

    • Why Mr Lanier.
      The very happiest of Valentine’s to you and all in good St Francis Town.
      I blush and your most kind compliments. I could only aspire to Ms Hayward’s elegance. Though I do hope to have something to say.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

  3. Looking forward to reading your perfume reviews! Have a good start!

  4. I hope your Valentine’s was good.
    Bon Voyage in our Perfumeland!

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