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Heraldic beasts and out of season Valentines… le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier The Perfumed Dandy’s Scented Letter

She needed to forget Paris. To put the diamond business behind her, pack her bags and pack away all thoughts of hard rocks, hard cash and most of all hard business men with their hard, hard hearts. What better place … Continue reading


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A Dozen Fragrant Reflections on Paris The Perfumed Dandy’s Picture Postcards

Dearest Scented Ones Before all memories of The City of Light slip from The Dandy‘s mind to be supplanted by other travels, some images, and aromas to recall the magical Gallic capital. A Store Fit for a Distinguished Visitor Perfume … Continue reading


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Eve Aromas: Three: Marzipan and One Glass More The Perfumed Dandy’s Twelve Days Before Christmas Part IX

Sweet candied almonds made paste and the colour of honey. Covering a cake of fruits fed with liquours and good spirits. Cartier’s Baiser du Dragon is the most pleasant smelling fearsome mythical beast that one can imagine. Here the aroma … Continue reading


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Sul y Blodau Ten Fragrances of Remembrance The Perfumed Dandy’s Sunday Supplement

Dearest Ones A word of explanation. Where The Dandy hails from, in certain parts of about the most rural part of Britain where the most beautiful language of Cymraeg, also known as Welsh, is spoken, today is a rather special … Continue reading


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